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ooh baby baby it’s been a wild semester

Summary by Ashley Smith, News Editor

December 5, 2017

2017 has no doubt been a wild year. And because it’s been a wild year, there has been lots of stuff to cover news-wise, so here are the best things we’ve covered this semester.August “No Trump, No KKK”A rally of prot...

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Goodbye doesn’t always mean forever

December 5, 2017

Study abroad…and rock out

Story by Chase Lodree, Student Reporter

December 5, 2017

Steve Listopad is an assistant professor of media and is the program director of the study-abroad program, the Oslo Project. He has worked for ieiMedia, through which the Oslo Project has run for the past five years. ieiMedia i...

A.O.K Registered

Story by Rylee Maxwell, Student Reporter

November 21, 2017

Registration for classes comes around every semester for students at every campus. Henderson is no different and has its own way of doing things. Every classification of students gets a separate day to register for the following...

Henderson Halloween

Henderson Halloween

November 7, 2017

Battle of the Ravine 2017

Story by Easton Cowart, Student Reporter

November 7, 2017

As the winter months approach, the cold air brings along with it a nostalgic array of bonfires, basketball, and of course Battle of the Ravine. Whether you let your colors show in fierce opposition with the Tigers or dread th...

Doug Kramer: video didn’t kill the radio star

Story by Meredith Adcock, Student Reporter

October 24, 2017

Doug Kramer, Henderson alumnus, came back to campus to speak to broadcast students about his 25 years experience in radio, and how he became successful in the field. When he came to Henderson, Kramer didn’t know what he act...