Suicide awareness month

Story by Rylee Maxwell, Student Reporter

Sept. 10 is the day that nationally recognizes more than 800,000 suicidal deaths. World Suicide Prevention Day informs many individuals about horrible tragedy that happens within our society. More than 25 times that number try to commit suicide every year. Each one of these individuals have family, friends, and colleagues that don’t even know about how vulnerable they are. The moto is “Take a minute, change a life.” If we as a community took the responsibility to actually talk to those who are in need, and check in with the people we love, all the difference could be made. 

The surviving individuals who share their stories give inspirational insight on their lives. Many of them recount how they reached a point in time that they wanted to take their own life. 

They say that if one person would have taken just a minute, the path that they were on could’ve been interrupted immediately. If we keep raising awareness, people can learn about this problem within our society. We can essentially fix the problem ourselves. We just need to come together and work through the problems that we face. 

Taking a moment to reach out to a complete stranger can make a big difference in someone’s life. People need to know that there will always be someone that cares for you. 

The people who have lived through suicidal attempts have much to teach us about what they have gone through. The more that we can learn about this epidemic the more we can help to create a solution for everyone to live happily. Often, those who attempt suicide think that they have reached the point in life where they could see no other alternative but to end it. They also describe that they did not want to die, but instead they just wanted someone to come to their rescue and intervene in the situation at hand. They actively sought out someone who they wanted to notice their despair. 

Our community of people are often unwilling and hesitant to help someone in need. It is not that they do not want to help it is that they are scared to help. 

People often are frightened to say the wrong thing to someone. When all that is really needed is compassion and empathy. Just to tell them that someone cares for them can change their whole world. 

It can definitely help when someone is depressed and thinking of suicide. There is no way that a person can make the situation worse. The topic of suicide is very hard to approach but it will always be good in the long run if you could just save one person’s life.