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Digital news business for newly graduates
Kassidy Porchia

The stress of finding a career and job for college graduates has always been...

Is the media scaring people away from the vaccine?
Kassidy Porchia

Since the news began that people could get vaccinations for the Coronavirus...

Maryjane Dunn-Whitener, associate professor of foreign languages, appreciates that she and her colleagues can discuss disagreements in a civil and respectful manner.
General Education Committee votes to no longer require core liberal arts electives
Juliann Reaper, Calender Coordinator

In January, there was a proposal to remove the Core Elective from the Liberal...

The Pros and Cons To Graduating During the Pandemic

As the first week of May rolls in Cinco De Mayo maybe on your mind, but...

"Midnight Sun" by Stephanie Meyers takes the reader through the Twilight Saga from the perspective of the vampire character Edward Cullen instead of his beloved Bella Swan.
Twilight Saga's "Midnight Sun" met with controversy

The Cullen family is trapped repeating their lives over and over again in different...

Education in the E.U.

If you’re a student from another state, or if you’ve considered attending...

Bisons ruin Reddies’ title hopes
Bisons ruin Reddies’ title hopes

BENTONVILLE, AR— The ladies of Reddies Tennis packed their gear and headed to northwest...

Queens of the green
Queens of the green

HOT SPRINGS, AR— With the conference title on the line and an automatic bid to...

HSU is out of title contention after a 3-0 match defeat to Arkansas Tech.
Stopped in their tracks

RUSSELLVILLE, AR- After cruising their way to a first round victory over Southern...

Meet the Staff
Bailey Dougan
Bailey Dougan
Presentation Editor

My name is Bailey Dougan. I am a senior Graphic Design Major. I am the graphic designer for RMG, and Layout Designer for The Oracle and the magazine. I also work for a magazine out of Waco, TX and run...

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Program manager of HSU's radio station Ethan Schmidt receives two awards for Best DJ Personality in college radio.
Meet the Staff
Rae-Lynn Dinger
The Pulse Radio Manager