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Lance Brownfield, Editor-in-Chief, The Oracle CE

I'm from Malvern, Arkansas and I'm an Innovative Media major. My minor is in Sociology. I went from being a stagehand to being a student. I like to travel, play music and skateboard.

My goal is to become a foreign correspondant and I'm currently learning Russian.



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HSU freshman Kaitlyn Byrd created a food pantry box in Feaster Park as a part of her Girl Scout Gold Project  before graduating out of the program.

A Feast in Feaster Park

October 11, 2021
Former Premier of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin believed that America would crumble without its patriotism, morality and spiritual life.


September 2, 2021
The Oracle student edition has been in circulation for over 100 years.

What Newspaper?

June 28, 2021
Ice covers the ditch near Hendersons beloved fountain.

Winter reflections

March 19, 2021
Flash game sites like are no longer usable as Adobe stopped supporting Flash in December.

Gone in a Flash

March 10, 2021
The virus center stage

The virus center stage

COVID-19 affecting live theatre at HSU
September 11, 2020
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