Student employment offered at Henderson


Brianna Holmes

Henderson State offers a wide variety of jobs for students.

Being a college student can get pretty expensive. From tuition to personal necessities, many students may decide it is necessary to get a job to better support themselves. This is not as easy as it sounds, though. Balancing classes, homework, a job, possible extracurriculars, and time with friends and family is a struggle all on its own. Some students may find it near impossible to juggle them all. Even the commute from home, to campus, to work can take up valuable time. In a situation like this, the best option seems to be to find something close by. Luckily, Henderson State University offers many jobs available for students. Having a job on campus is sure to save valuable time, and working around class schedules will be easier than ever.

Many of the on campus jobs will be of help not only to the student worker, but also to their fellow students and faculty members. For those with experience in food service, Henderson’s on-campus Starbucks and Chick-Fil-A may be preferable. While they can get busy during certain times of the day, this is to be expected of most fast food or drink services. On the other hand, there is also Reddie Grill, Reddie To Go, and the Dining Hall which all provide food and dining to students. For those with experience cooking, Reddie Grill or the Dining Hall may be better. Reddie To Go is a fine choice for those who think cashiering is for them. For all of these jobs, applications are available on Henderson’s website. Hours of operation are also listed if students wish to get an idea of when they may be working. All except for the Dining Hall are closed on weekends, and all close earlier on Fridays, leaving students with more time to do homework or have some free time outside of work and class.

Henderson also offers student positions in the Reddie Media Group. This includes the school’s newspaper the Oracle, Henderson Television (HTV), The Pulse radio, and The Star yearbook. Applications can be found on the HSU Oracle website.

If none of these seem appealing, no worries. Henderson provides other opportunities for students to work as well. The Reddie Bookstore provides another cashier setting, where students come to buy textbooks, school supplies, or even clothes. While there is currently no online application, students can ask about open positions in the store. Just like the previous jobs, the bookstore is closed on weekends with less hours on Fridays. The final options for students are tutoring or work study positions. The hours for these jobs vary, but work study openings along with the qualifications are available on Henderson’s website. Tutoring positions cannot always be applied for, but it is possible for students to be chosen for a certain position either within a certain department or in the actual tutoring center.

Like any job, all of these positions are based on the need for more workers. While a position at each job may not be available at all times, students are left with many options to choose from to help make the balance of work and school a bit easier.