A Feast in Feaster Park


Kaitlyn Byrd

HSU freshman Kaitlyn Byrd created a food pantry box in Feaster Park as a part of her Girl Scout Gold Project before graduating out of the program.

A new food pantry box has been built in Feaster Park to help those in need within the community of Arkadelphia. The creator of the pantry is undeclared HSU freshman Kaitlyn Byrd.

Byrd, who is from Malvern, completed the project on Sept. 23 to fulfil her Girl Scouts Gold Award Project requirements. She has been a member of the Scouts since the second grade, and all of her projects have dealt with the issue of food insecurity.

“When I started my gold project,” said Byrd, “I knew I would be attending Henderson, so I knew I wanted to do something to make a difference in the community I would be a part of.”

In Arkadelphia, 29% of people live below the poverty line. That is well above the 12.3% national average. Projects like Byrd’s pantry can make a difference in many peoples’ lives.

“Since then, I have noticed most of the food that was initially placed inside was gone and had been replaced with other food that people have provided,” Byrd said. “People can take whatever they need and place whatever they want.”

In less than two weeks the pantry has seen some traffic and is often restocked without Byrd.

Byrd has just recently graduated out of the Girl Scouts, but has become a lifelong member. The pantry has been taken over by the Arkadelphia Rotary Club to ensure that it continues to help those in need for years to come.