Henderson’s Resources: HSU’s HR dept. moving to ASU


Henderson’s Resources: HSU’s HR dept. moving to ASU

Henderson State employees were notified on Monday, Oct. 18 that Human Resources operations would be handled by the Arkansas State University System directly effective January 1, 2022. The announcement came by way of an email sent to faculty by Tina Hall, associate vice chancellor of marketing and communications. Hall says that the reorganization is part of the benefits of shared services within the ASU system, but it raised questions about the state of HR moving forward.

“Although the change will not be complete until Jan. 1, some staffing changes are in progress,” said Hall in the email release.

This proved true, as The Oracle attempted to reach out to Loretta Brantley via her Henderson email last week, but the account of the former director of human resources had already been deactivated. Rumors had been circulating that the entire staff of the department had been let go, and this seemed to be something of a confirmation. Shortly after that email address proved to no longer exist, the staff directory on HSU’s website also updated with her name removed, except other names remained such as Phyllis Cogburn, listed as human resources specialist. Rita Fleming, vice chancellor for finance and administration, confirmed that only one person lost their job with Henderson.

“The remaining employees who want to stay with Henderson have options to transfer to other open positions on campus for which they are qualified,” said Fleming in an email last Wednesday.

Fleming reiterated that there will be no loss in services, and said that the ASU System’s services would be “vastly upgraded from what HSU is able to provide.”

While all position advertising, on-boarding, and payroll will now be handled out of Jonesboro, there will be an HR office on campus with one staff member available to answer questions.