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With college finals right around the corner, it is important to stay ahead.

How to prepare for finals week

Jose Santana, Contributing reporter November 30, 2021

Thanksgiving came just as fast as it went, meaning finals week is just around the corner. That week tends to be the most stressful one for any student in college or high school. But with a little help,...

As the years go on, the price of college education continues to rise.

College students guide to student loans

Phoebe Darley November 30, 2021

Every year 30 percent of college students take out student loans to afford college. In the United States, 70 percent of college students graduate with loan debt. The Federal Student Aid website offers...

Henderson student egging phi sigma kappa member, Will Taylor, in the head.

Egg a Phi Sig

Phoebe Darley November 30, 2021

One of the greatest things about being a part of Greek life is participating and raising money for their philanthropies. The Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity brothers at Henderson spent last Thursday’s lunch...

UAMS was ranked 43rd in nation for nursing school.

UAMS seminar at Henderson: Information for future medical careers

William Matthews, Contributing reporter November 22, 2021

Last week the Henderson State Pre-Med Club held a meeting about future careers. They invited a recruiter from UAMS, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, to talk specifically about Genetic Counseling....

Men on Boats official flyer uploaded by Henderson Theatre.

Henderson theater presents “Men on Boats”

Jose Santana, Contributing reporter November 17, 2021

Men on Boats is an upcoming play by the Henderson Theatre production with five scheduled shows this November. When one thinks of a play about Men on Boats, they would imagine a simple play about heterosexual...

Students of HSU tie-dyeing spirit shirts ahead of the famous Battle of the ravine football game.

The Reddie spirit is in the shirt

Emily Henderson, Contributing reporter November 13, 2021

Miley Cyrus’ “Party In The U.S.A” echoed through the quad as students gathered around four in the afternoon. Once all signed in through the Corq app, the first 100 students that arrived received...

Seasonal depression is beginning to take hold of Henderson students as winter approaches

Coping with the cold: How to manage seasonal depression

Emberlynn Pendergraft, Staff Reporter November 13, 2021

As cold weather approaches, many students are starting to experience one of winter’s worst side effects: seasonal depression. With finals right around the corner and the threat of holiday blues emerging,...

SAB teammates Ruth Poplin and Zachary Gwinn paddle their way to the championship.

Cardboard boat regatta floats on

Joe Santana November 1, 2021

This past Wednesday student organizations as well as non-student organizations of Henderson State University went head to head to win a thousand dollars in prizes. The regatta took place at the Duke Wells...

The Student of Activities Board of Henderson crowded around a pirate ship.

Henderson street takes on Halloween

Blanton Matthews, Comic Reporter October 31, 2021

On the chilly afternoon of Friday, October 29, Arkadelphian children and families filed in lines on Henderson Street for the first Henderson Halloween since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Representatives...

Students of Henderson pictured with their pumpkin carving.

Carving through the semester

Kolby Reck, Contributing reporter October 31, 2021

Henderson State University had its annual pumpkin carving competition on October 28, 2021. Other events during “spooktober week” included a t-shirt giveaway, trivia, costume contest, paint party, movie...

Two students sitting together readying to paint their pumpkin.

Spooktember kicked off with pumpkin paint party

Emily Henderson, Contributing reporter October 28, 2021

Spooktober week kicked off at seven p.m. Monday night. Students gathered in the grand ballroom where they were met with friendly faces of the Student Activity Board (SAB). Cookies and t-shirts were offered...

Phil Grace managing the data center at Henderson.

Henderson dorms receive a new fiber optic internet upgrade

William Matthews, Contributing reporter October 28, 2021

Henderson’s Information Technology department has recently surpassed a huge milestone. On October 19, the last fiber optic cable was connected to the dorms. From then on, all dorms on campus have seen...

Three volunteers clean up HSUs greenhouse ahead of the opening of a community garden, which will be housed there. (From left to right) Davy McDonald, Alisa Lollar and Samantha Overcast.

Greenhouse for the Reddies

Lance Brownfield, Editor-in-Chief, The Oracle CE October 20, 2021

The greenhouse between McBrien and Reynolds has looked a bit overgrown lately. But better days are right around the corner for the forsaken foliage. A partnership between Sodexo, Henderson's biology...

HSU Spanish Professor Margarita Peraza-Rugeley shows off a painting she just sold at the Arkadelphia Festival of the Arts.

Arts-adelphia: Arkadelphia Festival of the Arts

Kaela McKim, Editor-in-Chief, The Oracle Online October 19, 2021

What better way to spend the sunny weekend than with local art, food trucks, live music, and astonishing rope dancing? Previously named the Caddo River Art Guild, 29 artists joined in the downtown area...

HSU freshman Kaitlyn Byrd created a food pantry box in Feaster Park as a part of her Girl Scout Gold Project  before graduating out of the program.

A Feast in Feaster Park

Lance Brownfield, Editor-in-Chief, The Oracle CE October 11, 2021

A new food pantry box has been built in Feaster Park to help those in need within the community of Arkadelphia. The creator of the pantry is undeclared HSU freshman Kaitlyn Byrd. Byrd, who is from Malvern,...

Kaylie Wheeless, Lauren Camp, Aspen Huseman, Maya Robles, Rocio Alferez and Mitti Fairchild in the Tennessee Cave.

Students receive grants to continue research of caves

Emily Henderson, Contributing reporter October 11, 2021

Mike Taylor, chair of Henderson’s department of Communications and Theater Arts, has explored caves in the southern United States for around 35 years. After hearing about an interesting pond in an underground...

Duke Wells natatorium.

Henderson pool temporarily closed

Phoebe Darley October 11, 2021

Recently the Duke Wells Natatorium experienced an expected temporary closure for two days due to mechanical issues with the boiler. A few days before the two-day closure some users informed Head Swimming...

Poster of the Outside Mullingar play.

Outside Mullingar

Brett Thompson, Contributing reporter October 11, 2021

The Irish farmlands were brought to life inside of Arkansas Hall during the production of “Outside Mullingar” by John Patrick Shanley put on by the Theatre Arts department at Henderson State University....

The QR Code sends you to a Volunteer Interest Checklist

Be more humane

Emily Henderson, Contributing reporter October 11, 2021

Caged dogs and cats do not seem to get enough love and affection, which is why the Humane Society of Clark County is trying to bring in volunteers. The shelter saves approximately 1,000 animals a year...

Flag hanging in the Garrison on September 14th.

Sorority recruitment at Henderson

Juliann Reaper, Features Editor October 11, 2021

Sororities are a significant part of the student experience at any college making Henderson no different. The only catch is that recruitment usually only happens in a specific time frame. The specifics...

Salt and Grain Butcher Shop logo.

Salt and Grain

October 5, 2021

After a long year of work and determination, Arkadelphia’s first butcher shop is now complete and open for business. Owner and CEO James Pruitt, who is from Gurdon but now resides in Arkadelphia,...

People of Henderson enjoying a game of corn hole.

Sharing the Reddie Spirit with the whole family

Brett Thompson, Contributing reporter October 2, 2021

On Saturday September 25, 2021, Henderson State University celebrated its annual Family Day, which is a great way for parents and siblings to experience what the university has been offering for their...

View of the county fair in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

County fair back in full force

Blanton Matthews, Comic Reporter September 21, 2021

The previously annual Clark County Fair returned at full force last week on Wednesday, September 15 after events faced an unprecedented total cancellation in 2020 due to, of course, the ongoing SARS-CoV-2...

Billie Eilish at the 2021 Met Gala in a sheer dress, inspired by old Hollywood and Marilyn Monroe.

Annual Met Gala pays tribute to American fashion

Jose Santana, Contributing reporter September 21, 2021

The annual Met Gala was held last Monday to end New York's 2021 Fashion Week and this year was “rather interesting”, said Dr. William Henshaw, a costume designer for the theatre production here at...


Student Activities Board Ty Tolbert Jr.

Blanton Matthews, Comic Reporter September 21, 2021

If you have ever attended a free event on campus here at Henderson State University, chances are good that the Student Activities Board had something to do with planning and arranging it. The board is...

headshot of Keely Wells

Henderson senior takes on the work force

Phoebe Darley September 14, 2021

In four short months, Henderson State University seniors will be receiving their diplomas if they are graduating in December. The final semester of seniors’ college career is an important one. This is...

Shang-Chi cover poster

“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” makes history for Marvel

Sydney Bowman, HTV Editor September 7, 2021

“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” makes history for Marvel Sydney Bowman There seems to be no stopping the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) this year as Phase Four of the popular franchise...

Lead singer and guitarist of Pinegrove Evan Stephens Hall performing.


Brett Thompson , Contributing reporter September 6, 2021

Pinegrove is an indie rock group from Montclair, New Jersey that are about to release a new album this fall. In anticipation, they have released one single in both an acoustic and studio version titled...

The once popular Western Sizzlin is now under speculation that it could become the fast food restaurant Braums.

Braums may be coming to town

Blanton Matthews, Comic Reporter September 6, 2021

The location of the building which once housed Western Sizzlin’ buffet restaurant on W.P. Malone drive has been sold, and speculation abounds as to what new business could be on its way to the spot of...

Willica Morgan and Christopher Golston at the HTV studio.

Student health and wellness

Kolby Reck, Contributing reporter September 6, 2021

Willica Morgan and Christopher Golston are student service counselor’s here at Henderson State University and they have teamed up with the Innovative Media department to give students videos pertaining...

Aftermath of Hurricane Ida from passing through New Orleans.

Hurricane Ida aftermath

Emily Henderson, Contributing reporter September 6, 2021

The death toll rose over the past week as Hurricane Ida made landfall Sunday, August 29, 2021. The category 4 storm near Port Fourchon has been named the second most intense hurricane to go through Louisiana,...

Harveys Food Truck decorated with eye catching yellow and assorted tables and chair on the patio.

Harvey’s Food Truck

Kolby Reck, Contributing reporter September 6, 2021

Harvey’s Fish and More is a new food truck in Caddo Valley next to the interstate, across from the Exxon gas station. The owner, Harvey Hudspeth, is an Arkadelphia native and has been in the food industry...

Former Premier of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin believed that America would crumble without its patriotism, morality and spiritual life.


Lance Brownfield, Editor-in-Chief, The Oracle CE September 2, 2021

“America is like a healthy body,” said Joseph Stalin, former Premier of the Soviet Union. “And its resistance is threefold: Its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine...

Students of Henderson on the field for a night of kickball at Clyde Berry stadium.

Kicking off the semester

Kolby Reck, Contributing reporter August 25, 2021

The annual kickball tournament at Clyde Berry Field on Wednesday, August 18th was a huge success. The event was hosted by the Campus Recreation Center and was a great opportunity for students to engage...

Arkadelphia regional economic development alliance and area chamber of commerce booth ready for interns.

Community organization fair

Emberlynn Pendergraft , Staff Reporter August 25, 2021

With welcome week in the books, Henderson’s Student Engagement Center successfully hosted the annual community fair. Last Tuesday, the Garrison Center’s Grand Ballroom housed dozens of booths, with...

Henderson tent set up for shaded fun

Cookout on the quad

Emily Henderson, Contributing Reporter August 25, 2021

Games, shaded tables, and free food are an easy way to attract college kids. On August 18th, 2021, students across campus met for Cookout on the Quad hosted by the Student Engagement Center. This tradition...

A bust of Donald W. Reynolds was adorned with a cloth mask on the first day of class in the Reynolds Sciene Center at Henderson.

Another pandemic: Who’s health matters?

Lance Brownfield, Editor-in-Chief, The Oracle CE August 23, 2021

It was about 9:50 a.m. Monday morning, the first day of classes for the semester at Henderson. My first class was about to begin in Reynolds Science Center. As I entered the hallway to look for room 120,...

A helping hand cleaner

Lance Brownfield, Editor-in-Chief, The Oracle CE August 9, 2021

Brenda Driggers, an administrative specialist at Henderson, is expecting a semi truck load full of bottled hand cleaner and she is planning to give it all away for free. The shipment of 68 thousand...

The first ever Taco Lot Fiesta by the Arkadelphia Area Aliance and Chamber of Commerce was a smashing success.

Talking a lot about the Taco Lot Festia

Blanton Matthews, Comic Reporter August 9, 2021

A short stretch of Main Street was closed Friday, July 30 for the Arkadelphia Taco Lot Fiesta. The festivities were held in and around the parking lot by the mural on the Group Living building that used...

Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President Nikki Chandler stands with her husband and two children who are all heavily involved in the city of Arkadelphia.

Questions and answers about new Alliance VP

Blanton Matthews, Comic Reporter July 26, 2021

Members of Oracle staff have been receiving emails from a member of the community with concerns about the Arkadelphia Regional Economic Development Alliance and Area Chamber of Commerce hiring a new executive...

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