Spooktember kicked off with pumpkin paint party


Courtesy of SAB

Two students sitting together readying to paint their pumpkin.

Spooktober week kicked off at seven p.m. Monday night. Students gathered in the grand ballroom where they were met with friendly faces of the Student Activity Board (SAB). Cookies and t-shirts were offered for those who wanted a snack or a way to remember the beginning of the festivities this Halloween season. The lights were slightly dimmed and the themed music beamed through the room with Marilyn Manson’s voice setting the mood, “This is Halloween, This is Halloween!”

The students were given the option to paint a canvas or a pumpkin and let their creativity flow. The tables were set up with various paint brushes and colors. Friend groups sat together and laughed as they painted everything from Spongebob to Scream. Those who thought their pumpkin paintings were superior had their picture taken and posted to the SAB Instagram page where the one with the most likes will receive a gift card.

While some painted, others lined up at the front of the room to be judged for a custom contest. From cute to scary, the students masked behind their outfits waited patiently for the results. Mckayla Lane dressed as an evil spirit placed third and Hunter Weaver as Freddie came in second. Lydia from Beetlejuice, otherwise known as Catherine Hammons, won first place.