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RMG Scholarship Application

Reddie Media Group (RMG) scholarships are available to incoming First Year and Transfer students who are interested in working for HSU’s student media. The RMG media include:

  • The Oracle – newspaper and magazine
  • The Star – yearbook
  • KSWH – FM radio
  • HTV – television
  • Reddie Media Online – website and social media
  • Innovative Media (IM) projects
  • RMG Agency – business and marketing

Awards: Awards are given out at the beginning of each academic semester subject to available funding and open RMG positions, as well as qualified full-time student applicants. Students who receive an undergraduate scholarship can carry the scholarship up to 8 semesters. Students who receive a graduate scholarship can carry the scholarship up to 4 semesters. Awards are given out in the amounts of $500, $1000, $1500 and $2000. The amount a recipient may receive is based on quality of application, years of experience, and duties to be performed. An award amount can be increased or decreased from semester to semester also based on these criteria.

Financial Aid Requirements: Students must have completed the FAFSA and be deemed eligible for a performance scholarship by the HSU financial aid office before applying. Contact the HSU Financial Aid office to learn more about their requirements: HSU Financial Aid Webpage.

Academic Requirements: Recipients must maintain a 3.0 GPA overall. Recipients must enroll in one credit of a Media Practicum each semester they wish to carry the scholarship and maintain a grade of B or Better in media practicum courses taken. If a student does not complete a media practicum course with a B or Better in any semester in which they received an RMG scholarship, they will not be eligible for future scholarships. (See the media practicum syllabi for grade requirements.)

Student Media Performance Requirements: Along with the Media Practicum requirement, recipients must fulfill their assigned tasks as a member of the student media staff. If a recipient is released from their responsibilities on the RMG staff they will not be eligible for future scholarships. Recipients may be reassigned or have the requirements of their job change to best fit the needs of the student and the organization without interfering with scholarship eligibility. (See RMG Staff Handbook for job performance requirements, hiring and firing procedures, etc.)

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RMG Scholarship Application