How to prepare for finals week


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With college finals right around the corner, it is important to stay ahead.

Thanksgiving came just as fast as it went, meaning finals week is just around the corner. That week tends to be the most stressful one for any student in college or high school. But with a little help, it can go by much smoother. Here are a few tips and strategies that can help anyone with managing the stress of finals.

1.) Schedule your exams and stay organized.

Create a schedule of all of your exams and their times. Look up the final exam schedule for Fall 2021 on Henderson State University’s official website. You should also schedule your class times, deadlines, checkout for Henderson dorms, student accounts, and create a study schedule.

2.) Make the most of class time.

It is important to not skip any classes, especially near finals week. You could miss important information that could help you prepare for finals. Pay close attention to the lectures, even when they’re not always fun. Always take notes and write them in a way only you can understand. This will be helpful when it comes to reviewing them later on.

3.) Study, study, study.

Find a calm environment to study in. Somewhere there are no distractions, or wherever you feel most comfortable. Some students find it more helpful to study in a group, others find it helpful to study alone. Whichever you decide, don’t lose attention from studying. Creating flash cards is a very helpful way of studying, either alone or in a group. Study at least one hour minimum for each subject a day.

4.) Be easy on yourself.

Don’t study too hard. Take a break every once in a while. Prevent yourself from contracting learning fatigue or getting too tired for your exam day. Bring snacks to your study sessions as well as water! Give yourself and your brain a break. Make sure to get enough rest and don’t stay up all night.

5.) Stop procrastinating!

Despite it being important to not overwork yourself, it’s equally important to not procrastinate on what needs to get done. It’s time to get yourself together and get to work. Think about the long holiday break you’ll get after a successful and possibly stressful finals week. Get your assignments done before exam week so you can focus on studying.

6.) Don’t stress yourself out more than needed.

Finals week is already stressful enough so don’t give yourself more than there already is. Manifest a successful outcome of finals and be on top of everything. These tips and strategies will be sure enough to help you through everyone’s finals week.

Despite these tips and no matter the amount of time that went into preparing, the most important thing to remember about finals week is that no matter the result, whether good or bad, it will be okay. Go in with a positive mindset ready to accept any outcome. Do your best and good luck.