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Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President Nikki Chandler stands with her husband and two children who are all heavily involved in the city of Arkadelphia.

Questions and answers about aew Alliance VP

Blanton Matthews, Comic Reporter July 26, 2021

Members of Oracle staff have been receiving emails from a member of the community with concerns about the Arkadelphia Regional Economic Development Alliance and Area Chamber of Commerce hiring a new executive...

Loki makes mischievous entrance into MCU’s Phase Four

Sydney Bowman July 26, 2021

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) seems to be holding nothing back with Phase Four of the popular franchise. Marvel fans have been treated with four distinct entries so far—and the year is only half...

The Fourth of July has been celebrated in the United States by people of all creeds and colors throughout the history of our great country.

Celebrating Independance as a nation

Juli Reaper July 16, 2021

Independence day, or the Fourth of July, is a national holiday that my family celebrates every year. We have cookouts, fireworks, and even pool parties. Some years, such as this year, fireworks are few,...

“The Forever Purge” clumsily brings a famous horror franchise to a close

“The Forever Purge” clumsily brings a famous horror franchise to a close

Sydney Bowman July 14, 2021

“The Purge” franchise will likely go down in history as one of the largest missed opportunities in the world of film. With each entry, the series consistently falls halfway between meaningless blockbuster...

The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard came to theaters June 16 and has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 27%

Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard couldn’t defend against crtics

Jaylon McEwen, Sports Reporter July 5, 2021

Those who loved Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson's buddy action Comedy “The Hitman’s Bodyguard,” are in for a treat as another installment has come to theaters. Both Jackson and Reynolds reprise...

The Oracle student edition has been in circulation for over 100 years.

What Newspaper?

Lance Brownfield, Editor-in-Chief, The Oracle CE June 28, 2021

In case you didn’t know, Arkadelphia has a newspaper. It’s called the Oracle: Community Edition, and here is how we got here. The Arkadelphia Dispatch was founded in 2018 by editor Bill Sutley and...

Cruella Back on The Silver Screen

Jaylon McEwen, Sports Reporter June 6, 2021

Fans of the classic Disney film “101 Dalmatians,” are in for a treat this week with the latest installment of the famous franchise. The reboot of notorious villain Cruella de Vil sees her as the leading...

Digital news business for newly graduates

Kassidy Porchia May 4, 2021

The stress of finding a career and job for college graduates has always been a big deal. College graduates want to utilize their degree but there are a lot of steps that actually come with finding a career....

Is the media scaring people away from the vaccine?

Kassidy Porchia May 4, 2021

Since the news began that people could get vaccinations for the Coronavirus many people haven’t been so excited. The media has shed a lot of light on how many people have had side effects which is giving...

Twilight Saga’s “Midnight Sun” met with controversy

Juliann Reaper, Calender Coordinator April 30, 2021

The Cullen family is trapped repeating their lives over and over again in different places as they are vampires who move periodically to keep their secret under wraps. Many young people spent their younger...

Europe's education system is much more interconnected than ours here in America despite barriers like language and international borders.

Education in the E.U.

Lance Brownfield, Editor-in-Chief, The Oracle CE April 29, 2021

If you’re a student from another state, or if you’ve considered attending a university far off, then you know about out-of-state tuition. While some colleges like Henderson will waive the higher price...

There is a broken window in Smith hall that has needed to be fixed since the beginning of the academic year.

Housing headaches: Deteriorating living conditions

Izzy Oliver, Contributing Reporter April 20, 2021

Like most female freshmen, I have been living in the Smith residential building for my first academic year at Henderson. Most of the time, when I tell other students this, I get a grimace along with an...

Sturgis hall no longer houses resident advisors in private dorm rooms.

Resident assistants no longer have private dorm luxury

Juliann Reaper, Calender Coordinator April 19, 2021

Some resident assistants (RA) no longer have private rooms, a privilege commonly associated with the position.   Why should an RA have a private room? Other than causing the position to be attractive...

Student fees can seem outrageously high--but are they really?

Please, no more fees

Juliann Reaper, Calender Coordinator April 14, 2021

As a college student, I expect to be charged fees--but I do not expect to pay for nonsense. A student’s bill can be viewed on MyHenderson, where costs are broken down per credit hour.   Some...

British-American author Patrick Ness writes critically acclaimed book

A monster calls, and readers answer

Izzy Oliver, Contributing Reporter April 13, 2021

Monsters are nothing new in today's media. They often serve as a driving conflict or a poignant portrayal of a more significant social issue. With the oversaturation of monsters in fiction, it is hard...

Newberry hall is no stranger to pests and ongoing malfunctions.

Newberry nonsense: Roaches, dirty bathrooms, and faulty thermostats

Cullen Smith, Contributing Reporter April 12, 2021

This was my first year on Henderson State’s campus, and I got stuck in the Newberry dorm. I had heard some not-so-nice things about the dorm, but I reserved a shred of optimism that the rumors were blown...

The Smith Garner House provides a new space for HISA to meet.

IHOP into Smith Garner House

Lance Brownfield, Editor-in-Chief, The Oracle CE April 11, 2021

The international students of Henderson have just finished the move from their affectionately titled IHOP (International House of People) building. The Smith Garner House which is shared by the Comics...

“Godzilla vs. Kong” is a fulfilled promise but disappointing cinema

Sydney Bowman, Contributing Reporter April 9, 2021

Legendary Entertainment first kicked off the franchise that would eventually be known as the “MonsterVerse” in 2014 with a reboot of the classic series of monster films, “Godzilla”. After a generally...

Does Kamp Koral live up to its porous predecessor?

Cullen Smith, Contributing Reporter April 3, 2021

On May 1, 1999 the very first episode of SpongeBob Squarepants, “Help Wanted”, aired on television. Since then, over 200 episodes of SpongeBob Squarepants made and aired. The show has been a great...

Hibachi is back by popular demand at the Reddie Grill on Wednesday evenings.

Sodexo hones hibachi

Lance Brownfield and Kaela McKim April 1, 2021

Move over MoMo, there’s a new hibachi place in town and it’s at Henderson’s very own Reddie Grill Wednesday nights from 4 to 7:30 p.m.   Going on six weeks now, the hibachi menu is back...

The origin of the name

The Oscars: What should win and what will win

Sydney Bowman, Contributing Reporter April 1, 2021

Ever since the very first ceremony in 1929, the Academy Awards have long been considered the most prestigious award show in the film industry. Of all of the awards, colloquially known as Oscars, given,...

Ice covers the ditch near Henderson's beloved fountain.

Winter reflections

Lance Brownfield, Editor-in-Chief, The Oracle CE March 19, 2021

The vernal equinox is upon us bearing gifts of pollen, April showers and cook outs to come. Before we get into our spring flings, let’s look back at this last season and just how winter treated us.   If...

The 2018 video game

“Celeste:” Scaling the mountain of depression

March 11, 2021

"Depression affects an estimated one in 15 adults (6.7%) in any given year. And one in six people (16.6%) will experience depression at some time in their life."   With these statistics from...

Blue sky can be seen through the trees of Pinnacle Mountain State Park in Little Rock.

5 terrific trails to try

Kaela McKim, Features Editor March 8, 2021

Hiking is an activity for all times of the year, especially in Arkansas where the weather is hardly extreme. With 300 miles of trails in the state, it is hard to pass up a day filled with scenic views...

Arkansas State Senator Mark Lowery sponsors a controversial House Bill limiting the teaching of certain history subjects in school.

House Bill 1218: The potential erasure of history

KaBryn Grayson, Managing Editor February 15, 2021

All opinions are the interview subject’s own and not a reflection of the constitutions they are associated with. As of Jan. 25, House Bill 1218 is now in committee. The bill was filed under the sponsors...

Lieutenant commander Worf was the first Klingon to appear in the Star Trek Franchise.

5 languages HSU should consider teaching

Lance Brownfield, Editor-in-Chief, The Oracle CE January 28, 2021

Only about 7.5% of Arkansans speak a second language, the majority of which speak Spanish. Henderson, like most universities in Ark., teaches Spanish, French and German. These are all great choices, but...

The memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. continues to inspire in a time of darkness.

MLK Day inspires change

Kaybrin Grayson, Managing Editor January 20, 2021

“History repeats itself endlessly for those who are unwilling to learn from the past,” said baseball player Leon Brown.   This quote is more relevant now than ever before as we reflect on...

Superman’s Pal creates content in “Who Killed Jimmy Olsen?”

Blanton Matthews, Comic Reporter November 18, 2020

In 1971 Jack Kirby began a series of multiple comic titles interwoven into what is still probably the most ambitious undertaking in mainstream comics, the “Fourth World” saga.   Movies and...

Opinion editor Lance Brownfield views the famous Saturday Night Live Jeopardy! skit where Alex Trebek makes a surprise appearance.

And so this was the final Jeopardy!

Lance Brownfield, Editor-in-Chief, The Oracle CE November 17, 2020

As we discussed the news of the day, someone brought up that Alex Trebek had died. That’s when my parents and I looked at each other and said simultaneously, “Suck it, Trebek!”   Of course,...

With election day come and gone, the nation anxiously waits to learn who the next President is.

Suspense like none other

Teuana Smith, Sports Reporter November 5, 2020

I shot to the couch as the time crept up on 7 p.m. to turn on the live presidential updates. Anxiety sat right beside me as we watched the night unfold.   The first few states to share their...

Former Vice President Joseph Biden and Senator Kamala Harris are who the Oracle believes should lead the United States.

Editorial: How would the Oracle vote?

The Oracle November 2, 2020

This election is regarded by many as the most important election in our history, or at least in our lifetimes. The Oracle is taking a stance on the issues and the candidates. We at the Oracle have decided...

The recently released comic book issue

Otto Binder deserves better than the craven “Rorschach”

Blanton Matthews, Comic Reporter October 29, 2020

I have read a lot of dumb comics. I’ve read a lot of cheap, gimmicky books with no substance. I have never read anything quite like “Rorschach.” “Rorschach” #1 hit the shelves on Oct. 13,...

Adrien Hernandez plays a wind instrument through his mask.

Students “show” sweet-sounding skills

Juliann Reaper, Calender Coordinator October 26, 2020

Instruments and singing voices filled the air at the Music Department Showcase on Tues., Oct. 13. Following the faculty Music Department Showcase which took place weeks prior, the performance was much...

Artwork colored by Arts Reporter Julian Reaper in celebration of Halloween approaching.

Spooktober: A week of fun

Juliann Reaper, Calender Coordinator October 12, 2020

Engaging activities are in store for the Spooktober week of fun. As a freshman, I was unaware of the fact that Spooktober week is a new thing. I am excited for these events and hope it leads to future...

The recent Presidential Debate arouses the idea of including three political parties in future political debates.

Presidential debate: We need more choices

Lance Brownfield, Editor-in-Chief, The Oracle CE October 11, 2020

“Keep yapping, man,” former Vice President Biden said to President Trump during the first presidential debate Tuesday. The hour and a half debate was more like two siblings arguing in the back seat...

The deadline to register to vote in Arkansas was Monday, Oct. 5.

Local elections: What’s happening?

Lance Brownfield, Editor-in-Chief, The Oracle CE October 11, 2020

“If I were a college student, I would be very concerned with how this election goes,” chairman of the Clark County Republican Party Eddie Arnold said. Less than a month until Election Day and it’s...

Music department faculty

Music department faculty “shows off”

Juliann Reaper, Calender Coordinator October 7, 2020

At the Music Department’s Faculty Showcase, I saw a wide variety of instruments. Everything from a simple claranet to an instrument called the alphorn that I had never seen before. There was singing...

The University of Arkansas is enforcing strict COVID-19 guidelines for their students, on and off campus.

Editorial: Should HSU follow UA?

The Oracle Staff October 6, 2020

The University of Arkansas has decided that no gathering of 10 or more people is allowed on or off campus this semester. Should Henderson consider adopting similar restrictions?   All campus...

Faculty, students, and Arkadelphia community members express their opinion about whether the United States should use the metric system.

Should the US go metric?

Haven Hughes, Contributing Reporter October 5, 2020

The United States of America is among one of the only industrialized countries in the world that has yet to fully adopt the metric system. Alongside the states, only two other countries do not completely...

Physics professor James Duke expresses the benefits and drawbacks of the new COVID-19-influenced school year schedule.

Breaking news about a missing break

Lance Brownfield, Editor-in-Chief, The Oracle CE September 17, 2020

From starting a week later than usual to missing our Labor Day break, this school year is definitely mixed up and many students are unaware of just how mixed up it is.   In an attempt to condense...

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