Digital news business for newly graduates

Kassidy Porchia

The stress of finding a career and job for college graduates has always been a big deal. College graduates want to utilize their degree but there are a lot of steps that actually come with finding a career. Having work experience, internships and a sharp resume to back you up.

Since the Coronavirus hit in 2020 finding a job or career has been tougher than ever. Many graduates haven’t gotten a chance to get a job in their degree field.

Angelique Thomas a Spring 2020 graduate pursued a degree in Political Science hoping to eventually work in a law firm, and then eventually become a lawyer.

After recently interviewing her, she says “It’s been a year since I graduated from college and I haven’t found a job that my degree surrounds”.  I asked her if she thought the pandemic is what has slowed her job and career finding. She replied “YES, companies and business rarely want to hire people due to the Covid 19 guidelines they now have.”

Job finding during the pandemic has added a new set of challenges.

College student graduates are now being interviewed via zoom and google hangout. This could be difficult for some and it could be an easier way to be interviewed.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many nonessential jobs switched to remote work, at least temporarily. This could play a huge role on why very few college graduates are finding secure jobs. These companies and businesses will be looking for people who can demonstrate they can be successful working remotely. That means your résumé should highlight your experience telecommuting.

I know that some companies and businesses are starting to open back up and actually want new workers with a mask, test, or vaccine requirement. Which could be good and bad for people who seriously need and want to start a job or career.

This may be scaring newly graduates away from wanting to step out and expand their horizon with their undergrad degree.

There are many upcoming college graduates I have spoken with and asked them if they have a set plan. Most people don’t have a set in stone plan while some know exactly what they are going to do.

I think it would be great to create a digital business called “Finding your destiny with a degree”. This would be an online website where newly college graduates fill out a survey about what college they graduated from, what their major and minor were, how many years did they attend, and the kind of job or career field they are looking for.

Once, the newly graduate has answered the questionnaire they will be place in a certain group. The groups will be divided upon your answers.

So if someone graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice then everyone with that degree will be place in a group together. This will make it easier to get feedback from those who have received the degree before or after a graduate looking for some type of advice on how to step out on faith that they will find an internship, job or career. They will connect with others possibly in surrounding areas to engage and discuss the ups and downs of finding their path after graduating college.

They can have a question and answer part where the graduates can ask question and other graduates can leave comments and answers if they’ve ever experienced the situation or problem. This will give people the opportunity to help and give advice on what to do. It may even get people out of a feeling of unworthiness. I know many college students without a set plan sometimes feel they don’t have a purpose.

I plan to have a podcast on the website where college graduates can do a monthly subscription. The podcast will have different discussions with graduates with Business, Biology, Social work, Psychology, Nursing, Teaching degrees and more.

This is how the digital news business will thrive with making money and becoming an actual business. There will be weekly uploads of graduates being interviewed about their specific degree and journey after undergrad.

This will be great for newly graduates to tune in and actually listen to someone’s journey. This website and podcast will also be a judge free zone. I want graduates to be able to talk about their failures without feeling embarrassed. No one gets it all right at the beginning. Which is why the podcast will discuss failures, second chances, internships, unemployment, and finally finding a job or career fit for you. I want this business to be an source for newly college graduates to utilize. This can help generations of college graduates to prosper and connect with others who’ve already went through what they’re going through.

This digital news business will really highlight the highs and lows of finding your destiny with your degree.