Is the media scaring people away from the vaccine?

Kassidy Porchia

Since the news began that people could get vaccinations for the Coronavirus many people haven’t been so excited. The media has shed a lot of light on how many people have had side effects which is giving many people, mostly minorities the idea not to get any of the vaccinations.

I think if the media was to shed more positive light on the vacation by giving people the information of what the medicine consist of and how many people have benefited from the vaccine more people wouldn’t be ignorant to the fact.

In this class we’ve discussed Infographics. Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, knowledge and data. This is a quicker way to show information. I think it would be awesome to include more info graphics on the news and media to show viewers the statistics of how much good the vaccinations are doing for more than thousands of people.

We’ve also discussed Polls in this course. Polls is a process of voting for something. I think giving out a Poll through the media for people who have actually taking the vaccine could answer the Poll and it could be shown and reported to help others see an honest votes on how the vaccine has made them feel.

Opinion pulls is also a topic we’ve learned during this course. Opinion pulls would be great to include in the media news. I think they should find minorities that have taken the vaccine and are willing to give their opinion and experience. I think if people see others who look like them giving out positive opinions and experiences then, we could possibly increase the amount of people to get vaccinated.

Audio Video is another we’ve discussed during this class. This includes where there is sounds but no actual video. I think allowing viewers to hear audio video of people being interviewed and discussing how well the vaccination went for them. People want to hear real stories, they don’t want to feel like the media is trying to trick them with fake interviewers.

Photo Gallery would also be beneficial to showing people visual proof of people getting the vaccine. These pictures could display a variety of different races, religions and social groups. These photos could show that everyone is able to get safely vaccinated and you don’t have to be scared of the media and the bad side effects they love to show.

I honestly think these definitions and media techniques we’ve learned could help the media expand the audience if they do it correctly. I do believe that lying to people about a vaccination isn’t smart. There are many people who are smart and will figure out when the media isn’t being fully truthful.

Lying to viewers will only make the vaccination rate lessen. People do not want to take the vaccine because of how much the media and government has lied since the pandemic started. The trust is broken, but I think they could possibly gain most people back by being choosing honesty and using these techniques to ensure they’re getting a clear understanding of what’s going on.