MLK Day inspires change


The memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. continues to inspire in a time of darkness.

Kaybrin Grayson, Managing Editor

“History repeats itself endlessly for those who are unwilling to learn from the past,” said baseball player Leon Brown.


This quote is more relevant now than ever before as we reflect on Martin Luther King Jr. and his achievements. 


Senior nursing major Lanee Boyd said, “MLK Day is about continuing Dr. King’s legacy. About remembering the sacrifices he made to get our people where we are today.”


This holiday marks the progress that people have continued to fight and die for, the progress that many Americans are continually striving for – a better, equal America. Significant strides have been made regarding the treatment of African-Americans in America. Schools, buses, and lunch counters are no longer segregated. 


However, it would be careless to omit that America still has a long way to go.

In some aspects, America has traded in outright racism for systematic racism. We are still marching to end police brutality. People are still being treated inhumanely due to their skin color,


According to polls, in summer 2020, it is estimated that between 15 and 26 million people had participated at some point in the demonstrations in the United States.


Maybe Martin’s dream was not of a perfect America, rather an ever-changing one. An America where its people are constantly striving to be better – more knowledgeable and more tolerant. 


In a perfect world, honoring Dr. King’s legacy would consist of no discrimination and no hatred. America is not perfect. We all can do a part in making this place we call home a little bit better for the next generation.


Dr. King’s words are like seeds that inspire generations upon generations to cultivate change. If we all take the time to plant seeds, we will look back and see that we have created significant change.