Editorial: How would the Oracle vote?



Former Vice President Joseph Biden and Senator Kamala Harris are who the Oracle believes should lead the United States.

This election is regarded by many as the most important election in our history, or at least in our lifetimes. The Oracle is taking a stance on the issues and the candidates.

We at the Oracle have decided to endorse Joe Biden for president because he has proven to be a trustworthy candidate. With a whopping 13 choices, picking the right candidate can be hard for people who do not follow politics.

With a career spanning almost five decades and eight years in the White House already, Biden is likely the most experienced on the ballot. Running with Senator Kamala Harris after serving with President Obama shows that he values diversity and the input of people who are different from himself. We need this kind of thinking in more leadership positions as our nation grows seemingly more divided each day.

The Oracle believes voting for Biden is imperative for the future of our country and we strongly encourage you to vote for him.

The races that are closer to home are in many ways just as important as the race for the presidency. We took them very seriously as we came up with our list of best candidates for the job.

For the U.S. Senate, we went with Ricky Dale Harrington Jr. He is a Libertarian and is much younger than incumbent Tom Cotton of the Republican Party. His fresh new ideas are just what we need in the Senate and we would be proud to have him represent the great state of Arkansas. Since its formation in 1971, the Libertarian Party has yet to hold a seat in the Senate.

Ricky Dale Harrington Jr. would be the first Libertarian elected to Senate in the nation if he wins on Tues. (RickyHarringtonToSenate.com)

As for the U.S. Congress district four race, we chose Democrat William H. Hanson. According to Hanson’s website, he attended Henderson for a semester after being honorably discharged from the Army. He then went to California to work in a community-based veterans organization that helped with readjustment to civilian life. He is well studied in law and has experience practicing both private and public.

William Hanson attended Henderson for a semester before helping Vietnam-era veterans in California. (WilliamHansonForCongress.com)

Our choice for state Senate district 12 is Senator Bruce Maloch of the Democratic Party. Maloch is the incumbent and has represented district 12 for seven years. He has years of experience serving this part of Arkansas and

Bruce Maloch has served District 12 since 2013. (senate.arkansas.gov)

The rest of the candidates on the ballot are running unopposed. While the ballot shows four issues, only three are actually being decided. Issues one, two and three are all on the line, while issue six did not qualify for the ballot.

We at the Oracle vote against all three of the active ballot measures.

Issue one is for a permanent one cent tax to be implemented for roads. The tax is set to replace an expiring temporary tax that was limited to 10 years. The reason we oppose this tax is because we believe it should not be permanent. There should be another temporary tax to take its place. The road work is important and we believe it will be funded, but forcing taxpayers into a permanent arrangement seems wrong.

Issue two deals with term limits for the General Assembly. We believe that the term limits should not be changed. It is not right to elect somebody for a set amount of time only to extend the time once they are in office. Changing term limits seems like a slippery slope that we do not want to take part in.

Issue three will make proposing ballot initiatives much harder than it is now and for that reason, we stand against it. The process of getting something on the ballot is already hard enough and there is no sense in making it more difficult. Change is necessary in our democracy and setting up roadblocks is not a good practice.

We at the Oracle encourage you to do your research before voting so you can make informed decisions. This is a very important election and the future of our country hangs in the balance.