Newberry nonsense: Roaches, dirty bathrooms, and faulty thermostats


Kelly Stiles

Newberry hall is no stranger to pests and ongoing malfunctions.

This was my first year on Henderson State’s campus, and I got stuck in the Newberry dorm. I had heard some not-so-nice things about the dorm, but I reserved a shred of optimism that the rumors were blown out of proportion. Unfortunately, the rumors were quite accurate.


My room was fairly unclean upon my arrival. There were dust bunnies and bits of paper all over the floor. Additionally, there seemed to be some cables sticking out of the wall due to some botched maintenance.


The state of the bathrooms and showers was horrendous. While there was a crew that came in semi-regularly to pressure wash the floors, the times in-between these cleanings were not enjoyable. Additionally, only about three out of the five showers worked at any given time.


The worst part was the insect problem. Namely roaches. I killed quite a few of them last semester–too many. I could handle the cleanliness problem, but I figured that the building would at least have put in the effort to prevent roaches crawling out of the walls.


Possibly the least problematic issue was that the thermostats in each room had one setting depending on either the seasons or where we were in the semester, I’m not sure. Basically, the dial on the thermostat had a range of temperatures, but you could only set it too hot or cold depending on the climate. This ended up being very irritating considering the inconsistent weather in Arkansas.


Newberry is one of Henderson’s oldest dorms and its residents suffer from its outdated infrastructure. Roaches and basic cleanliness is not something that paying college students should have to worry about.