Republic of Arkadelphia

Among the several micronations in Arkansas is one that shares a name with the city of Arkadelphia.

The Republic of Arkadelphia

Among the several micronations in Arkansas is one that shares a name with the city of Arkadelphia.

Arkadelphia was founded July 29, 2020 and has a population of six people including Prime Minister Joseph Hackley. Not the Arkadelphia that you and I know, but the micronation of the same name.

The Republic of Arkadelphia, located in central Arkansas, is comprised of three cities. The capital city of Edwin is surrounded by the Little Rock suburb of Sherwood, while Liam and Fort Sharp are both 30 to 45 minutes away. Founded as just one city, the two enclaves of Fort Sharp and Liam were added the next day. The republic also claims one overseas territory on the West Coast of Ireland called Móinéar Fianna.

“I decided to start the nation because I didn’t like the state flag of Arkansas,” said Hackley “Later it was due to political differences.”

According to its Microwiki, the republic is a member of the Association of Ozark Micronations (AOMN) and the Multinational Association of the Americas. Other member states of AOMN include Ethosia, Alexsandriya, the Hellenic Empire of Cimbrun and the now defunct Socialist Republic of Ozark.

The micronation’s government is a parliamentary representative democracy complete with a military and foreign relations to other micronations around the globe. Although there is currently no weaponry among the three branches, Arkadelphia has an Army, Navy and Air Force.

“We do give international aid to the United States,” said the republic’s wiki. “Or as they call it, ‘taxes’”

To check all the boxes, the Republic of Arkadelphia boasts a motto, an anthem and three official languages — English, Spanish and Irish, although only one “citizen” speaks more than English. The fledgling republic also has a national park and recently made a Twitter poll to ask if they should create an archive or a newspaper. Making an archive won with 56.3% of the 16 votes, which is for the best as they might have ended up naming their newspaper the Daily Siftings Herald or the Dispatch or something.

“If you wish to visit and are worried you won’t be able to pay, don’t,” tweeted the micronation. “We are open to all currencies and on top of that we don’t have anything to sell really as our economy is a work in progress.”

Originally named Blakelytown, John Hemphill settled the city of Arkadelphia in 1809. 30 years later, the city adopted its current name in 1839. The origin of the name has been lost to time, along with the exact reason for choosing it.

“It literally translates to a place in Arkansas,” said Hackley “And yes I knew about the city, I have visited a couple times.”

Perhaps one day there will be diplomatic relationships between Arkadelphia and Arkadelphia, (the city and the republic) but for now the Republic of Arkadelphia is focusing on building relationships with other micronations.