Henderson theater presents “Men on Boats”


Henderson Theatre

Men on Boats official flyer uploaded by Henderson Theatre.

Men on Boats is an upcoming play by the Henderson Theatre production with five scheduled shows this November.

When one thinks of a play about Men on Boats, they would imagine a simple play about heterosexual men pirating the ocean. But that is not the case for this production of Men on Boats directed by Lacy Klinger and produced by Henderson Theatre.

According to Jessica Smith who is one of the cast members of the upcoming play, the men will be played by an all women and non-binary cast. The play is going to be very different, even for the non-men cast to take the challenge to learn how to play twenty to thirty years old, cisgendered, heterosexual white men in the 1800s. But the challenges are what make the play so enjoyable, because it is not every day a woman or a non-binary cast member gets to play a such role.

The play, written by Jaclyn Backhaus, is scheduled for five performances this season at Henderson’s Arkansas Hall.

“One of the best shows that Henderson State has ever put on,” said Smith. “Anyone would enjoy the show, it is a show for all ages. It is definitely one of my favorite plays I have already performed here at Henderson.”

She also assured that the audience will be amazed and should be prepared for many surprises. This will be the second play by Henderson Theatre that will be performed without masks since the COVID outbreak. Smith said she is excited to finally show emotion through facial expressions and that it is long awaited to perform maskless.

The show will also be nearly 2 hours long, and is set for Nov. 18, 19, 20, and 22 at 7:30 pm and also a second show for Nov. 20 at 2:00 pm. Tickets are sold through Henderson’s Theatre Box Office.
“Theatre is one the most important things someone can familiarize themselves with, it has a rich history that is rooted in pleasure, art, and self-expression,” said Smith. “I would like the theatre to grow at Henderson, to be bigger than it’s ever been, and I hope more people get more interested and enjoy the theatre at Henderson State University.”