Sorority recruitment at Henderson


Juliann Reaper

Flag hanging in the Garrison on September 14th.

Sororities are a significant part of the student experience at any college making Henderson no different. The only catch is that recruitment usually only happens in a specific time frame.

The specifics of sorority recruitment time frame as well as cost vary from one group to the next. However, it certainly is not cheap. Alpha Sigma Tau’s new recruitment cost is $400 where others can be even more expensive.

The different groups have events and do tables on Garrison Street to make the students aware of their presence. Recruitment is also done through Instagram and other social media platforms.

“The school does an amazing job at providing us opportunities to get our name out there during the first two weeks of the school year,” said Alpha Sigma Tau’s Vice President of Growth Alex Graham.

The dues for her group cover new badges and national dues and the semester dues for returning students just depends on what the chapter needs.

In the beginning of the recruitment process those interested in the group must attend events and then be accepted by the majority of the existing members. This is called getting a bid. Once this is complete they then get to start pledging to the chapter.

For Alpha Sigma Tau, the new member process takes five weeks though it can be different depending on the organization. During that time the new members learn about the history of the organization, as well as the creed and other important things.

Convincing students to spend money on something like this requires making them feel that it is worth it. This is not always an easy task but according to Graham the methods of being active and using Instagram seem to be effective.

“Our method is effective, but since enrollment is low it makes everything a lot harder. We are working to overcome that and help empower women and inspire them to join,” said Graham.