Henderson street takes on Halloween


Courtesy of SAB

The Student of Activities Board of Henderson crowded around a pirate ship.

On the chilly afternoon of Friday, October 29, Arkadelphian children and families filed in lines on Henderson Street for the first Henderson Halloween since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Representatives of 48 Reddie registered student organizations–from the seemingly myriad Greek-lettered fraternities and sororities to enthusiast interest groups like the Comics Arts Club–decorated tables and passed out candy stretching across Henderson street from the intersection with North 12th street and Brown street.

In years past, the event has often been held indoors in the Garrison Center, but the pandemic has impacted the event beyond forcing its cancellation in 2020. Children also seemed reluctant to get candy from the open bowls well within reach, opting instead to let the people on the other side of the table drop it in their bags, perhaps a good idea to lessen the spread of germs.

The centerpiece of this year’s events was a pirate ship in front of the president’s house, manned by a scurvy crew representing the Hot Springs Renaissance Fair, to be held at the Garland County fairgrounds this weekend November 5-7, including some who seemed to bear resemblance to Henderson faculty, though surely no professor would turn to a life of piracy.

The event officially began at 4:30, but as soon as tables were set up at 4:00, children were already lined up for their treats, and the crowd plowed through for the next two and a half hours, along with golf-cart riding members of the Student Activities Board offering to replenish the candy supply of any organizations whose tables ran low.