Cardboard boat regatta floats on


Jose Santana

SAB teammates Ruth Poplin and Zachary Gwinn paddle their way to the championship.

This past Wednesday student organizations as well as non-student organizations of Henderson State University went head to head to win a thousand dollars in prizes. The regatta took place at the Duke Wells swimming pool at seven in the evening.
Students were to make boats out of cardboard and other material that would make their ride sturdy. Two players of a certain organization paddled in a fast and timely manner inside of their handmade boat, with hopes of a solid win. At the end of the event an organization for each category is called up to receive their prize. The prizes were divided into two categories, half going to student organizations and the other half to non-student organizations.
The Bandits, apart of the non-student organization section, won the categories of most team spirit and slowest time to finish the race. The Intramural team won the category for the most creative sinking. The champions for the non-student organization section were the Student organizations such as Alpha Sigma Alpha, ROTC, and Kappa Kappa Xi who each won a category. The overall champion of the student organization section was the Student Activities Board.