Be more humane

The QR Code sends you to a Volunteer Interest Checklist

The QR Code sends you to a “Volunteer Interest Checklist”

Caged dogs and cats do not seem to get enough love and affection, which is why the Humane Society of Clark County is trying to bring in volunteers. The shelter saves approximately 1,000 animals a year and with little help, it puts a lot of pressure on the staff. This upcoming fall they have many events and other ways for people to help the animals.

A misconception is the humane society receives funding from the state. However the only way it stays open is through donations and fundraising. “The community is our lifeline,” one volunteer said. Their goal is to clear the shelter, where many animals have spent their whole lives caged up and deserve to have a loving home.

Over the summer a group of volunteers began raising money by selling t-shirts and they plan to do it again soon. The shelter also plans to have an adoption event and food drive in late October but need volunteers to keep the dogs occupied in hopes of finding a forever home. Janie Allen, who takes care of the animals, plans to begin taking dogs and cats to Petsmart every weekend to help spread the word and get more animals out of the situation they are in. She can only take about four animals by herself, but could double it with volunteers. Allen expressed that it is hard being there with all the animals, but the most rewarding thing is to see them adopted.

Another volunteer wants to start a dog walking club where people meet at the Humane Society every week and take the dogs for a walk. This will help the animals get out of their pens and see the outside for a while all while being leash trained. She hopes other volunteers will fall in love and tell more people about the pets.

The shelter is currently overflowing and has no more room at this time. They encourage as many people who have the time and space for an animal to adopt. However if you cannot help in that way, there are plenty of ways to aid the shelter. “We just want people to know, they (the animals) need it.”

The Humane Society has many more events in the works but to accomplish their goals they need more help. Anyone is welcome to drop by while they are open to meet some new furry friends. They also have a Facebook page that posts photos and videos of the animals as well as new information and upcoming events.