Greenhouse for the Reddies


Alisa Lollar

Three volunteers clean up HSU’s greenhouse ahead of the opening of a community garden, which will be housed there. (From left to right) Davy McDonald, Alisa Lollar and Samantha Overcast.

Lance Brownfield, Editor-in-Chief, The Oracle CE

The greenhouse between McBrien and Reynolds has looked a bit overgrown lately. But better days are right around the corner for the forsaken foliage.

A partnership between Sodexo, Henderson’s biology department and the Gardening Club has given new life to the greenhouse by turning it into a community garden.

Part of Sodexo’s three-part sustainability program, the food produced in the greenhouse will be used in the Caddo for students to eat.

The benefits of this program are as plentiful as the plants inside the building.

Students can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables grown on campus while saving the university money they would have spent on shipments of food.

The other branches of Sodexo’s three part program are a Thursday night food rescue program that gives food to students in need instead of throwing it away, and their “Buy a Meal Plan, Give a Meal” initiative.

Getting her hands dirty and working on her green thumb is Alisa Lollar, Sodexo’s marketing/sustainability/student engagement intern. Lollar is a senior business marketing & management major at Henderson.

Lollar has recruited volunteers from the biology department, gardening club and others excited about the idea of growing their own food and making a positive impact.

The new community garden will be open to the public on Tuesday, Oct. 26 during Henderson’s Fall Festival in the quad.