Student Activities Board Ty Tolbert Jr.


courtesy of SAB

Tyrone Tolbert, the Executive Chair of the Student Activities Board.

If you have ever attended a free event on campus here at Henderson State University, chances are good that the Student Activities Board had something to do with planning and arranging it. The board is composed of multiple committees, including the Digital Media Committee and the Music Entertainment and Coffeehouse Committee.

Tyrone Tolbert, Jr., a Henderson senior from Hazen, AR and graduate of Clarendon High School, has become the Executive Chair of the Student Activities Board’s Cultures and Concepts Committee. One year ago, he joined as an SAB committee member, and has evidently had quite a successful time at SAB. Tolbert told The Oracle that he was initially made aware of the SAB through the Student Engagement Center and encouraged to join.

SAB, Tolbert says, provided him with the opportunity to make a difference in the diverse campus community here at Henderson State. He hopes that in the 2021-22 academic year, students will be more involved in organizations and events happening on campus.

“Coming out of a pandemic can be really difficult. The goal is to move forward and make this college experience great for every student; providing awareness, hope, and a sense of belonging to every student,” said Tolbert on Saturday.

Tolbert is a Communication major, through the department’s Business and Organizational Communication track, and is involved with the Reddie Media Group as an assistant in HTV and KSWH radio production. He says that after graduating with that Bachelor’s degree soon, he plans to attend a graduate school to earn a Master’s degree. Currently he has not decided which school, nor did he say what Master’s degree he will be going for.

“This year will be what we make it but as Reddies, we have every capability to achieve great things,” said Tolbert. “Go Reddies!”