The Oracle partners with The Arkadelphian

The Oracle partners with The Arkadelphian

If you’ve seen a black Prius around town with “The Arkadelphian” written on the side, it doesn’t belong to the city. It belongs to Joel Phelps, Editor-in-Chief of “The Arkadelphian.”

“The Arkadelphian” is a news website, with (quite a fitting name) founded and run by Phelps. Phelps used to work as a reporter for the Daily Siftings Herald and was Editor-in-Chief of the Oracle student newspaper during his time at Henderson.

Phelps started the site earlier this year after realizing the need for consistent coverage of the city and county. Since starting this news organization, Phelps has created Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for the budding site.

While the bulk of the reporting falls on Phelps’ shoulders, he also employs a few stringers and freelance journalists from the two universities and the community.

We at the Oracle are glad to see more coverage of the city and have decided to partner with “The Arkadelphian.” As his publication does not print, we plan on sharing a selection of his stories in our print edition every week as well as working with him to share pictures and other story assets for efficient news gathering. This partnership will not only be beneficial to “The Arkadelphian” and “The Oracle,” but also to the news consumer here in Clark County.

We look forward to working with “The Arkadelphian” and Phelps as he builds his audience and coverage of the name’s sake of his news site.