Pep Rally raises Reddie Spirits

Story by Joseph Gately, Staff Reporter

From the corner of Garrison you can hear the deep thump of hip-hop Bass. When you reach the edge of McBrien, you begin to hear the jumbled chattering of a large, and growing, group of students. 

If you look closer, you can see that all varieties of people are in attendance. From Supporters sporting their well-groomed pups, to the scattered ROTC members looking spick and span in their clean uniforms, all the way to, of course, the football team. 

From the Adult faculty members, down the younger siblings of HSU students, Dr. Eric Flowers down the little McKenzie and Gabriel Colbert the crowd was full. 

As one can expect, they’re all huddled up at the bottom of the steps to Arkansas Hall. Her voice booming across the South Lawn, Dr. Givan calls the group to silence: We’re ready to begin. 

After she announced the game time and opponent, she handed the mic off to a few different speakers, most notably of which is Quarter

Back and Senior, Evan Lassiter. He pumped up the crowd, talked down the Wonder boys and left us with a request, “Don’t be leaving the game early – No matter how bad we’re beating Arkansas Tech.” 

From there, the crowd was taken over by multiple renditions of the HSU chant. Ending with our esteemed president, Dr. Glen Jones. Over the first few times, the crowd got excited, so when Dr. Jones’ booming voice exclaimed, “ H-S-H-S.” It was answered with a powerful, collective “U!” 

With a familiar procession of notes, the band started into Seven Nation Army, eliciting a head-bobbing, foot-stomping response from the crowd. In front of the crowd, the Dance team and the cheerleaders started their routines. 

They cycled through a few popular songs, and the mic was once again taken by Dr. Givan. She hoisted the famed Spirit Stick above her head and announced the Greek Life

Dance off. Alpha Phi Alpha started it all off. Each one that followed exhibited the same organized, well Choreographed dancing expected from a dance team, not a fraternity or sorority. After the first few groups, the sound system cut out. 

As it went down, the Reddie Spirit did what it does best, it rose among the students. Greek Life eventually finished their dancing, leading the band to start up again with a well-loved Henderson Classic: The Fight Song. The crowd clapped along. Dance and cheered started their boogying again. Unfortunately, it was all cut short by the failure of the sound system. 

The students were dismissed, but that doesn’t mean they were any less pumped for Saturday’s game. The Reddie Spirit was clinging to every one of our players. With the Spirit that strong, it’s no wonder our team is so strong.