Henderson Halloween

Campus and community came together last week to celebrate the spookiest day of the year. Story by Rylee Maxwell, Student Reporter Photos and Additional Reporting by Emily Bell, Copy Editor and Photographer

Neighborhoods and decorated streets were not the only places to be swarmed by hoards of costumed children last Halloween evening. The campus was also flooded with tons of children and parents Trick or Treat at the annual Henderson Halloween. 

The festive campus tradition brings student organizations, faculty, and staff out to the south lawn to hand out candy to the kids in the community. All of the organizations contribute by having their own table and donating some of the candy. The university also buys extra candy to help organizations make it through the event without running out of candy too soon. 

This helps parents out on what is usually a hectic night. The parents can bring their kids to campus to trick or treat and be done for the night without having to go all over town. Children struggled off campus with their stuffed bags brimming with treats. 

Not only is attending the campus’s trick or treat event less stressful for parents, it’s safer for children as well. Instead of kids ringing random doorbells and taking candy from strangers, the parents can bring their kids to the school for a well-regulated event and know everything will be okay. This also takes the stress off of some of the bigger neighborhoods. North park particularly is packed with trick or treaters all night, but most of the kids who attend the campus event only trick or treat there. 

Henderson Halloween definitely helps the community, and certainly makes the kids happy.