A.O.K Registered

Story by Rylee Maxwell, Student Reporter

Registration for classes comes around every semester for students at every campus. Henderson is no different and has its own way of doing things. Every classification of students gets a separate day to register for the following semester. 

Seniors and athletic students go first and can register before anyone else. When it’s your classes turn, you must register on the day assigned or you could miss a class you need. Some students (like me) stayed up until at least 2 a.m. 

When preparing for registration it is important to schedule a meeting with your department advisor. Even though they are not officially submitting your schedule, they can still help you. The advisors can help guide students through the classes that they will need to be successful. The advisors go through a checklist of the classes that students have already taken. 

Then they proceed to see what is next on your list for the major you’ve chosen. From there, students can pick and choose what they think their semester should look like. 

Hopefully, registration will go smoothly, unlike this week. Many students were actually having problems adding classes to their schedules. 

Rachel Jones, HSU student, said “I refreshed my browser every 5 or so minutes to see if I was allowed to register. The website would not let me in to register classes.” 

Unfortunately, some students could not register from their computers. For some reason, students had to log into their myhenderson accounts by phone to add classes to their upcoming schedules. 

Devin Kroger, a sophomore said, “I stayed up until 3:30 in the morning refreshing my browser repeatedly, and nothing happened. I soon heard from a friend that if I logged on my phone I could add my classes.” 

All in all, registration is very stressful, but it is needed to make it through college. Just start by making the call to the advising building and scheduling the appointment.