Battle of the Ravine 2017

Story by Easton Cowart, Student Reporter

As the winter months approach, the cold air brings along with it a nostalgic array of bonfires, basketball, and of course Battle of the Ravine. Whether you let your colors show in fierce opposition with the Tigers or dread the annual traffic jam that comes along with it, one cannot deny the historical importance this event has for both of our schools. But when did it start? 

More than a hundred years ago marked the first game in the series in 1895, creating rocky start for the Reddies with a loss. This loss obviously did not affect the school’s morale too much as the subsequent early years of the series are marked by Reddie domination. 

According to The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture from 1907 to 1912, Henderson carried a hot streak, but this was not the longest streak in the series. The honor of having the most consecutive wins belongs to us with an astounding seven year streak. 

This was two years longer than Ouchita’s longest run. Our school also holds the record for largest margin of victory, when in 1932 we won by a whopping 62 points. 

Apart from the actual athletic event there is of course a strong tradition of pranks. Although both schools’ policies warn against it, many zealous fans have some laughs at each other’s expense. From kidnapping to vandalism, there almost seems to be nothing sacred in this rivalry. 

According to the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History, the series has only been interrupted a few times including a hiatus during World War II. Another time from 1951 to 1963 because the pranks and vandalism proved too intense, and thus the entire event was called off. 

Now the two schools have learned from their past and taken precautionary measures. Campuses have been leaving the lights on at both stadiums the week of the game to stop any chances of vandalism. Signs on both campuses are covered in black plastic. 

OBU students now stand guard the Tiger statue at all hours to protect it. 

Henderson students guard the fountain from pranksters toting soap and purple food coloring. 

The big question you may be wondering is “Who’s won the most games?” and the answer is currently Henderson, but narrowly. The overall scores of this series of games stand at 43–41–6. 

Hopefully our school will once again be victorious but the only way to find out, is to sift through the masses and make your way to Cliff Harris stadium Nov. 11.