ooh baby baby it’s been a wild semester

Summary by Ashley Smith, News Editor

2017 has no doubt been a wild year. And because it’s been a wild year, there has been lots of stuff to cover news-wise, so here are the best things we’ve covered this semester.


“No Trump, No KKK”

A rally of protection for a Confederate memorial statue in Hot Springs brought on a throng of counter protesters. The masked Anti Fascism-ers outnumbered the original protestors, two were arrested, and the dudes on the other side went home early. 

Partial Eclipse of the Heart (the Henderson one)

The first total solar eclipse in 38 years made history as spectators around the country gathered to watch it. Arkansas had a good view, as most of the state could see at least 90% of the sun covered. Huie Library passed out viewing goggles, and the campus community was mesmerized. 

Henderson, Hickerson and students against hate

Campus community responded to the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, with an event in front of Arkansas Hall. Dr. Megan Hickerson spoke out for inclusiveness and learning from each other on campus, and people need to peacefully agree to disagree. Faculty and staff, such as Dr. William Henshaw and Michael Taylor, among others, took to their classrooms to encourage students to voice what they think. 


Musical Merlin

Everyone has heard of The Voice, and Kristen Merlin, a contestant from the show, came to Arkansas Hall to perform. Songs from her album and covers were played, and students got a chance to interact with the singer. 

Sodexo vs. Students

Since switching from Aramark to Sodexo, students learned of the new rules that came along with the switch. For events and meetings on campus, Sodexo food must be served. Organizations weren’t thrilled about the news, and a few spoke to us about how they felt. 

Yes, I do enjoy alliteration. 


Jon Ronson, author of the book “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed,” held a presentation on campus about the book and life. Afterwards, select students attended a dinner with the author and got to know him more personally. 


Fighting back statistics

SGA took back the night with their first event to raise awareness of sexual assault on campus and to stand with victims. Take Back the Night drew a crowd, and the crowd marched in formation with candles and ended with a speech encouraging consent. And, no, you probably didn’t have anything better to do that night. What could possibly be more important than consensual sex with the statistics of campus assaults? 

Financial Raid

Zac Walthall uncovered the pandemonium that is the financial aid office, though this year it seemed more so. At the end of last school year, the previous person in charge left, and nobody knew how to run the system or what to do. This caused endless late refund checks, messed up financial situations, and many confused students. Students can help make differences in their struggles too, if they submit forms as soon as possible, stay on top of applications, and keep a level head. Financial aid employees are people too. 

Rape Culture Revisited

I Am Emily Doe explored rape culture on the theater stage while referencing the infamous Brock Turner story. Student written by Magee Lee Preston, viewers discovered what it was like after someone has been raped, and everything that came along with it. 

Yass Kween

Anaya Hunter, sophomore Spanish major, was crowned Reddie Homecoming Queen of 2017. Crowned before the football game, the court was able to watch the team play against East Central University. I hate to say it, but we lost. At least we have our Homecoming Court, and how can we forget about Showband? 


Those darn tigers

The most wonderful time of the year, Battle of the Ravine. Unfortunately, we lost, but we still had better pranks and have won more games (43-41-6). A narrow win for OBU at 49-42, there’s always next year’s battle. 

Killer capital

Media outlets reaffirmed what most of Arkansas already knew, but this time with colder, harder facts: Little Rock is basically the Old West when it comes to murders. So far this year, 46 homicides have affected the city. Be careful if that’s where your romping grounds are, and stick to where the streetlights shine. 

Get used to AirPods

Dax, our valued opinions editor, answers a begging question of 2017: how the hell are we going to function without a headphone jack on our iPhones? We’re not sure yet, but we’ll have to, as other phone companies such as Google and HTC are doing away with theirs as well. Goodbye, tech as we know it. 

The Oracle wants to thank you all for a fantastic year! Have a good break, we’ll see you bright and early next semester.