Homecoming took over campus last week


Summary by Pete Tubbs, Editor in Chief Photos by Emily Bell, Staff Photographer

It’s hard to believe that homecoming week has already come and gone, but here we are. The court consisted of 23 women, but as we all know, there can only be one queen in the end. 

The full court consisted of: 

E’Lyse Thaxton, sophomore, innovative media major, Dominique Walker, senior, phsychology major, Rebekah Smith, junior, special education major, Jessica Thomas, junior sociology major, Adreinne Pierce, junior accounting major, Seven Willis, senior, health and physical education major, Kennedi Boykins, sophomore, nursing major, Railey Nolan, senior elementary education major, Mercedes Thompson, junior biology major, Lauren Quillin, junior accounting major, Tessa Yelverton, junior political science major, Emily Pierce, senior elementary education major, Rachel Lewis, sophomore sociology and political science major, Spencer Tuggle, junior marketing major, Joyce Adame, senior management major, Kayleen Bridges, senior nursing major, Dawn Coffman, senior elementary education major, Mary Katherine Dawson, junior instrumental music education major, Kebreanna Creggett, junior sociology major, Anaya Hunter, sophomore spanish major, Ah-Lexa Criswell, junior nursing major, and Alexis Dixson, junior psychology major. 

Anaya Hunter was eventually named the official 2017 homecoming queen and was crowned at the football game the following day. It was surely a fun filled week for all involved, and we’re all setting our calendars to prepare for what next year’s homecoming has to bring.