Study abroad…and rock out

Story by Chase Lodree, Student Reporter

Steve Listopad is an assistant professor of media and is the program director of the study-abroad program, the Oslo Project. He has worked for ieiMedia, through which the Oslo Project has run for the past five years. 

ieiMedia is an international journalism education program that takes place in various cities. 

Listopad has taught all around the world including France, Italy, and China. 

When he was working as the program director for the Florence, Italy program in 2015, he started developing the Oslo Project all before he came to HSU. He brought the project here, and it will be the first ieiMedia project to come to HSU. 

The Oslo Project is specifically sponsored by the university, so if a student were to join the Oslo project, they would receive credit hours from HSU. 

“The nature of the Oslo Program and why I wanted to create it is pretty unique and focuses on music, culture, and journalism,” said Listopad. They will make the trip to Oslo, Norway this summer on June first and spend a month there. 

The purpose of this project is to interview people and understand Norwegian culture. Within driving distance of Oslo there are dozens of music festivals and shows. Various forms of rock, pop, alternative and also there is a lot of hip-hop. 

So they want to find out why Norway is the home of black metal and why it’s producing some of the most cutting edge streaming musicians. They want to gain a grasp on how the Norwegian culture is producing these outstanding things and learn how the music is affecting the rest of the culture. 

To be able to go on this trip to Oslo you have to have two letters of recommendation and at least a 2.5 GPA. the trip can be funded through financial aid and pell grant and-or scholarships. The deadline for applications is Feb. 15, 2018. 

It’s not a vacation but you still will have fun while working. It’s closer to an internship because you’re out on the field working with professionals digging and gathering information while writing stories about whatever you come across. 

There will be great photo opportunities and a great experience for any student story-teller. Things you produce can be published and shared on websites and our website and is a great opportunity for portfolio building. If you have any questions check out the ieiMedia website watch some of the videos students made from previous years and see what all their doing.