Doug Kramer: video didn’t kill the radio star

Story by Meredith Adcock, Student Reporter

Doug Kramer, Henderson alumnus, came back to campus to speak to broadcast students about his 25 years experience in radio, and how he became successful in the field. 

When he came to Henderson, Kramer didn’t know what he actually wanted to do. He ended up taking broadcast practicum to be with his friends and fell in love with it. While his friends left to do other things, he stayed and eventually made a career out of it. 

For those looking to be in radio, there is a misconception that it is on the verge of death. Kramer believes that radio isn’t even close to its end. He believes it is evolving and will continue to grow with the needs or preferences of young adults as they change and evolve. However, he does think that radio could do much better than it is now by catering to specific demographics. 

Logically, program directors will play the music that is the most popular music at the moment, while keeping within the theme of the station. The DJs don’t have a real choice in what music gets played. If there is a choice, it is like offering a child the choice between two shirts to wear for the day. Yes, there is a choice, but the parameters have already been decided. 

What the most significant piece of advice Kramer has is to keep showing up, and to accept that failure is an option. Without failing, there’s no room to learn from mistakes. Be willing to learn, and be prepared to change. Don’t be scared to pursue what you want. If you keep coming back, eventually you’ll get where you want to be.