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Henderson State University News -- Paperless!

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Henderson State University News -- Paperless!

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NOT CYMK - Meal plans are a constant source of contention for Henderson students.

Are new pricy meal plans worth it?

KaBryn Grayson, Managing Editor April 15, 2021

Imagine, it’s lunchtime and you're surveying your options. You don't have time or maybe even the space to cook. Your only option is grabbing something on campus. You could go to the cafeteria--but you’d...

The Smith Garner House provides a new space for HISA to meet.

IHOP into Smith Garner House

Lance Brownfield, Editor-in-Chief, The Oracle CE April 11, 2021

The international students of Henderson have just finished the move from their affectionately titled IHOP (International House of People) building. The Smith Garner House which is shared by the Comics...

Hibachi is back by popular demand at the Reddie Grill on Wednesday evenings.

Sodexo hones hibachi

Lance Brownfield and Kaela McKim April 1, 2021

Move over MoMo, there’s a new hibachi place in town and it’s at Henderson’s very own Reddie Grill Wednesday nights from 4 to 7:30 p.m.   Going on six weeks now, the hibachi menu is back...

COVID-19 drastically impacts the lives of Nia Nelson and her loved ones.

Ignorance is bliss: A COVID tale

Nia Nelson, Contributing Reporter March 12, 2021

“Kayden had to get tested for Corona at work today,” Ana told me. “Gross, make sure he stays out of the house,” I said. “Please, at least until we know if he’s positive or not.” “Yeah,...

The hit show WandaVision premiered on the streaming service Disney+ in Jan.

“WandaVision” leaves Marvel fans “Wanding” more

Sydney Bowman, HTV Editor March 12, 2021

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has enjoyed quite an impressive track record throughout its nearly 13 year run, releasing critically acclaimed hit after hit with even the less than stellar projects...

Bishop Rudolph delivers a message to a congregation.

Bishop Robert G. Rudolph Jr.: Former Reddie, forever servant

Kelly Stiles, Editor In Chief, The Oracle February 23, 2021

Former Reddie, Bishop Robert G. Rudolph Jr., was appointed on Feb. 4 by Gov. Asa Hutchinson to join the recently expanded Arkansas State University System Board of Trustees. Upon Henderson State University’s...

Former Reddies baseball player Jonathan Smith retells how COVID has affected his future, for better and for worse.

The decision: A baseball player navigates life during COVID

Jonathan Smith, Radio Sports Coordinator February 15, 2021

I got to the locker room a little before 8:30. It felt as if someone had just died when I walked in. Everybody quiet. Everybody still. Everybody knew what news was about to be broken. Coach Hooten stepped...

Mean Ice Cream CO

Regina Walker débutes art display “Réflexion d’images”

Henderson State University Fine Art Department February 2, 2021

The following press release is from the Henderson State University Fine Art Department.   The Henderson State University Fine Art Department is proud to present Réflexion d'images by our graduating...

Alumni Darby Waller shares how the adversity of her childhood shaped her, and how she found joy in the midst of it.

The road to joy

Darby Waller, Yearbook Contributing Editor January 22, 2021

We are congregated in the living room of our souped-up, double-wide manufactured home. It sits on the edge of our family farm on the outskirts of town. We are watching, with minimal interest, our usual...

This portrait is senior art education major Jade Ross favorite among her senior show collection, depicting her late grandma Emma.

Jade Ross creates “Creating Me”

Kelly Stiles, Editor In Chief, The Oracle November 17, 2020

Despite drastic changes due to COVID-19, the HSU art department continues to thrive, and senior art education major Jade Ross' senior showcase is a prime example. Consisting of 10 minimalistic portraits...

Bailey Dougan becomes a Tiny Tourist

Bailey Dougan becomes a “Tiny Tourist”

Kelly Stiles, Editor In Chief, The Oracle November 16, 2020

Graphic design major Bailey Dougan has jump-started her career before graduating college. She works not only as a layout editor for the Oracle, but as a social media coordinator for a magazine in Waco,...

The HSU Showband of Arkansas performs in concert after a semester without sports performances.

Showband students sound superb

Kelly Stiles, Editor In Chief, The Oracle November 12, 2020

An instrumental rendition of “Treasure” by Bruno Mars filled the surprisingly warm air on the evening of Nov. 9. Cheerleaders and Pom Squad members skillfully cheered and danced on the Quad, providing...

With election day come and gone, the nation anxiously waits to learn who the next President is.

Suspense like none other

Teuana Smith, Sports Reporter November 5, 2020

I shot to the couch as the time crept up on 7 p.m. to turn on the live presidential updates. Anxiety sat right beside me as we watched the night unfold.   The first few states to share their...

Program manager of HSUs radio station Ethan Schmidt receives two awards for Best DJ Personality in college radio.

Radio DJ “Big Dog Ethan” digs up two awards

Kelly Stiles, Editor In Chief, The Oracle November 4, 2020

“Big Dog Ethan” is a name that has brought award-winning entertainment to the airwaves of Arkadelphia and surrounding areas. Program manager of Henderson’s own radio station KSWH LP 102.5 FM The...

Election day comes to an end at the Clark County Training Center voting site.

Election Day in Clark County

Kelly Stiles, Lance Brownfield, and KaBryn Grayson November 4, 2020

“I got in and out in about five minutes,” 33-year-old CRNA at St. Vincent Hospital Kathryn Speights said after voting on election night at the Caddo Valley City Hall voting center. Voting officials...

The sorority Zeta Phi Beta displays a rolling board of information to enlighten students and faculty of breast cancer statistics and risk factors.

Zeta Phi Beta combats breast cancer

Kelly Stiles, Editor In Chief, The Oracle October 22, 2020

In a time full of uncertainty, a group of young women remains focused on making a positive impact. HSU sorority Zeta Phi Beta uses the platform of Breast Cancer Awareness Month to spread potentially life-saving...

A live stream is held discussing the adversities minorities face regarding health care, particularly hospice.

Black, brown, and the challenge of dying well

Teuana Smith, Sports Reporter October 15, 2020

On October 5, Dr. Lewis Shephard Jr. hosted the second interactive presentation titled “Black, Brown, and the Challenge of Dying Well” to discuss the adversities minorities face in the current healthcare...

Mental health affects students, especially with constant changes due to COVID-19.

Mental health concerns in a time of uncertainty

KaBryn Grayson, Managing Editor October 15, 2020

You are trapped in a tank of deep water. As you tread water for a long time you start to get tired. It feels like you are wearing full body armor made of lead.   You feel like you left something...

X-Men meets sci-fi in ambitious new comic

X-Men meets sci-fi in ambitious new comic

Blanton Matthews, Opinion Editor October 14, 2020

Last summer, we slept, and the world changed. The X-Men charted a new path, creating for themselves a mutant nation on an island called Krakoa. Fan-favorite writer Jonathan Hickman (“House of X”,...

Renowned author Cristina Henriquez  answers questions regarding the eye-opening Reddie Read book The Unknown Americans.

The “Unknown” becomes known

Kelly Stiles, Editor In Chief, The Oracle October 13, 2020

A book of cultural enlightenment and gripping characters has dwelled on Henderon campus and in the hearts and minds of faculty and students. The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez was chosen...

The recent Presidential Debate arouses the idea of including three political parties in future political debates.

Presidential debate: We need more choices

Lance Brownfield, Editor-in-Chief, The Oracle CE October 11, 2020

“Keep yapping, man,” former Vice President Biden said to President Trump during the first presidential debate Tuesday. The hour and a half debate was more like two siblings arguing in the back seat...

Middle education major Abigail Brown finds community in her Esports teammates.

Esports: A team like none other

Kelly Stiles, Editor In Chief, The Oracle October 8, 2020

Noted for its warmth and supportiveness, the Henderson Esports team continues to thrive in the face of a pandemic. Formed three years ago, the club increases in size each year, containing over 50 active...

Sophomore accounting major Erica Jaggernauth holds a puppy as freshamn nursing major Tori Johnson gently pets him.

Puppy playtime with pre-vets

Kelly Stiles, Editor In Chief, The Oracle October 6, 2020

Happy faces and high-pitched barks enlivened the Quad on a sunny early autumn afternoon. On Oct. 1 the Pre-Vet Club hosted “Puppy Playtime with Pre-Vets” where several puppies were brought from the...

The University of Arkansas is enforcing strict COVID-19 guidelines for their students, on and off campus.

Editorial: Should HSU follow UA?

The Oracle Staff October 6, 2020

The University of Arkansas has decided that no gathering of 10 or more people is allowed on or off campus this semester. Should Henderson consider adopting similar restrictions?   All campus...

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at 87.

The notorious RBG

KaBryn Grayson, Managing Editor October 5, 2020

When it comes to Ruth Bader Ginsburg or as a law student, dubbed her “the notorious R.B.G” the question is not what has she done but rather what has she not done. She has so many credentials it is...

Freshman nursing student Charlie Handly donates blood for the first time.

Accommodations for blood donations

Kelly Stiles, Editor In Chief, The Oracle October 5, 2020

The sound of whirring machines and the song “Intentions” by Justin Bieber filled the air of the Arkansas Blood Institute blood donation truck as phlebotomists briskly and skillfully maneuvered in the...

Faculty, students, and Arkadelphia community members express their opinion about whether the United States should use the metric system.

Should the US go metric?

Haven Hughes, Contributing Reporter October 5, 2020

The United States of America is among one of the only industrialized countries in the world that has yet to fully adopt the metric system. Alongside the states, only two other countries do not completely...

Students, faculty, and community members gathered to display solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Black Lives Matter: HSU unites

Kelly Stiles, Editor In Chief, The Oracle October 4, 2020

Chanting filled the crisp early autumn air. “No protest, no change,” a sea of people dressed in black yelled, many bearing signs reading, “Black Lives Matter.”      Oct....

Former HSU president Dr. Glen Jones, secretary board member Eddie Arnold, former vice president of finance and administration Dr. Brett Powell, and chairman board member Johnny Hudson sit before lawmakers as they are questioned regarding Henderson’s financial situation.

Arkansas Legislature Grills Jones, Powell

Poor Policy Procedures Cause Snafu in Financial Statement Reporting, Panicking Arkansas Legislators
Victoria Stewart-Meyers and Kelly Stiles March 4, 2020

State lawmakers of the Ark. State Legislative Joint Auditing Committee heard four hours of testimony from former HSU president Dr. Glen Jones Jr., former vice president of finance and administration Dr....

Oh the humanity

Oh the humanity

The Humane Society of Clark County
April 17, 2018

The shelter takes in as many animals as they can, working to get them healthy and, hopefully, adopted. “You watch this transition of [this animal] becoming something that a new family just adores. I...

Freshman Elementary Education major Mirela Tornatore made her way around the slippery bases to third base. The girls of Alpha Xi Delta worked their hardest to pull out a win but to no avail. Their smiles and bonding throughout the game were all worth it.

Greekin’ out

Sigma Tau Gamma dominated the events last week
Story by Shelby Dixon, Student Reporter April 17, 2018

Every spring students at Henderson get antsy. There is a need for them to get out of the classroom and do something fun. That is where Greek Week comes in. All social greeks on campus are brought together...

Steph Curry has back-to-back mvp’s.

The beauty of basketball

Change can be a wonderful thing
Story by Jordan Williams, Sports Editor April 10, 2018

Anyone who has played any sport for a long period of time knows there are certain nuances in the game that begin to come naturally. It’s what makes sports amazing to watch, because at a certain point...

South Park Republicans and Eric Cartman

South Park Republicans and Eric Cartman

Opinion by Bunky Raines, Student Reporter April 10, 2018

In the time of Bill Clinton I called myself a Democrat. Bill is still my favorite president. I saw a guy from Ark that provided my kids with free health insurance (ARKids), smoked weed and harrassed interns...

Photograph featured in Lindsey Bruce’s show. Andrew McBride in front of his spectators.

“Broken”: melancholy captured

Story by Cassidy Witherspoon, Student Reporter April 10, 2018

Lindsey Bruce, a senior art education major, has suffered heart break many times in her life. The first, and one of the most impactful, was at only five years old. Her mother died of melanoma, which a...

Is corporal punishment a good idea?

A paddle for your crimes

Should corporal punishment be a thing of the past?
Story by Easton Cowart, Student Reporter April 10, 2018

There are many things that we want to forget about high school, like the horrible slop they serve in cafeterias, or your horrible emo phase. However, an unsettling practice still occurs in Arkansas schools...

Just some of the awards that Star, Oracle, and HTV took home last week at the ACMA competition.

Media outlets claim turf

Henderson wins big at ACMA
Story by Ayanna Williams, Student Reporter April 10, 2018

On the morning of April 6, universities and colleges from all over Arkansas gathered in the Garrison Activity Center to take part in this year’s Arkansas College Media Convention. Throughout the day,...

Pictured is Thea Minor, member of the HSU Women’s tennis team.

Little green balls

Alisha on what the tennis team’s been up to lately
Story by Alisha Davis, Student Reporter April 3, 2018

The women’s tennis team is currently sitting at a 1-0 conference record for the season. They are off to a fantastic start. Amanda Korinihona, graduate assistant tennis coach, shared that the teams...

“Assasin’s Creed Origins” scored 4.9 / 5 on Jerry’s scale.

Origins: A new classic

Jerry reviews “Assassin’s Creed Origins”
Opinion by Jerry Crowe, Student Reporter April 3, 2018

Never will I look at Egypt’s history the same again! Ubisoft, known for creating the popular “Assassins Creed” series, puts the player in the shoes of Siwa’s last Medjay. Bayek of Siwa is the...

Provost Steve Adkinson was one of the speakers at the meeting that informed campus of the $3.2 million dollar loss in budget for next year.

Henderson’s in the red (pun intended)

Here's how you can avoid it
Story by Walker Walthall, Student Reporter April 3, 2018

It is no secret that the university isn’t in the best spot when it comes to money right now. Just because the university is having problems with money doesn’t mean that the students should be. Here...

An example of an application for graduaction and a graduation application

You want a graduation?

You gotta’ get an application
Story by Greta Goslee, Student Reporter April 3, 2018

The culmination of three or four or five (or more) year’s work: graduation. This year’s spring commencement will be held on Friday, May 11 in the Wells Center Gymnasium. Ceremonies will be held...