Esports: A team like none other


Abigail Brown

Middle education major Abigail Brown finds community in her Esports teammates.

Noted for its warmth and supportiveness, the Henderson Esports team continues to thrive in the face of a pandemic. Formed three years ago, the club increases in size each year, containing over 50 active members this semester.

“There is a lot of diversity,” Esports sponsor and assistant communications professor Dr. John Price said. “Everyone can be involved in Esports.”

Esports are video games, typically online and multiplayer, where students compete from across the United States and often the world. Common games include “Overwatch,” “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate,” “League of Legends,” “Rocket League,” “Rainbow Six Siege,” “Fortnite” and many more.

“Even with COVID, we are really accepting of new members,” Esports member and middle education major Abigail Brown said.

Upon meeting students interested in joining Esports, team members strive to make them feel welcome by including them in activities. If a team member needs help with something outside of Esports, fellow members are quick to help.

“We are there for each other outside of gaming,” Brown said.

Within the collective Esports team are several sub-teams divided by different video games. Sub-team sizes and practice times vary from game to game. The three most active teams play “Overwatch,” “Rocket League,” and “Fortnite.”

The Esports lab, which resides on the second floor of Garrison, is full of computers and other gaming equipment, yet can safely hold only three people who are six feet apart considering COVID-19 guidelines. While students occupy the room from time to time, most meetings take place virtually via Discord or other communication platforms. Unfortunately, this means that each student involved has to have personal access to a computer or gaming console to participate.

Esports’ competition platform, called the Peach Belt conference, is much like other traditional sport conferences in which the top teams in the United States compete for a championship title. Thankfully, COVID-19 has not affected HSU’s involvement in the Peach Belt as there is no traveling involved in participating.

“My closest friends have been made through Esports,” Brown said.

Brown is an active member of the “Overwatch” team which is currently competing in the Peach Belt. Every Sat. at 2 pm, the team competes online with a different college team, unless another time is decided because of time zone related scheduling issues. Competing in the game “Overwatch” consists of three rounds wherein the best of three wins.

The shortest round that Brown has competed in lasted 10 minutes, and the longest one lasted one hour. The game is fast-paced and requires a great deal of teamwork. Brown typically plays a supportive role, healing her teammates when they are wounded.

“We are a community,” Price said. “Students care about each other.”

All students can join the Esports team regardless of experience. For any questions, contact Price at [email protected].

Visit for updates on Henderson’s participation in the Peach Belt.