Bailey Dougan becomes a “Tiny Tourist”

Graphic design major Bailey Dougan has jump-started her career before graduating college. She works not only as a layout editor for the Oracle, but as a social media coordinator for a magazine in Waco, Texas called Modern Texas Living. Dougan’s senior show is a magazine she created herself called “Tiny Tourist” which showcases the unique characteristics of small towns across Ark.


“I grew up in a small town and fell in love with its characteristics,” Dougan said.


The image on the cover of “Tiny Tourist” was taken in Magnolia, Ark. Other small towns Dougan traversed include Arkadelphia, Batesville, Hamburg, McCrae, DeWitt, Wynne, Eureka Springs, and her home town Nashville.


“I have always been interested in traveling,” Dougan said. “I hadn’t traveled Ark. as much as I wanted to.”


Dougan spent 44 hours and 22 minutes traveling by herself to these various locations. The largest town Dougan visited was Magnolia, and the smallest was McCrae. Her favorite town to discover was Batesville, as she felt it had the most character. The town includes old movie theatres and coffee shops which conjure a unique vibe.


“I tried to hit every corner of Ark.,” Dougan said.


The magazine includes images captured by Dougan in her travels, and a few stories from residents of these towns. Finding individuals to write stories was the most challenging aspect of creating the magazine. Some of the stories included were written by fellow HSU students.


“I became a tiny tourist in the state I call home,” Dougan said.


Dougan has always desired to express her creativity, though her original plan looked different. Starting college as a psychology major to become a child psychologist, Dougan obtained her Associate of Arts degree at Cossatot Community College in DeQueen, Ark.


“Most people in my family are business people,” Dougan said. “But I grew up really creative.”


She came to Henderson’s transfer day with her dad, where he questioned her whether she truly enjoys psychology, noting that she has always been so creative. At that time, Dougan realised she did not like the subject and changed her major to graphic design.


“A lot of art majors don’t have supportive parents,” Dougan said. “My parents supported my happiness over my salary.”


“Tiny Tourist” is displayed online via Issuu, as well as in a virtual gallery format designed by Dougan via, which can be accessed by scanning the QR code located on her senior show flyer.


“If you show your passion through what you create, other people will see that,” Dougan said.


Upon graduating this Fall, Dougan plans to move to Waco, Texas as she has been offered a full-time job at Modern Texas Living. She will be fulfilling her current duties as social media coordinator as well as performing graphic design tasks.


“I’m so excited about it,” Dougan said. “It is my dream job.”