Puppy playtime with pre-vets


Kelly Stiles

Sophomore accounting major Erica Jaggernauth holds a puppy as freshamn nursing major Tori Johnson gently pets him.

Kelly Stiles, Editor in Chief

Happy faces and high-pitched barks enlivened the Quad on a sunny early autumn afternoon. On Oct. 1 the Pre-Vet Club hosted “Puppy Playtime with Pre-Vets” where several puppies were brought from the Humane Society of Clark County for students to play with. Students took turns holding the puppies and playing with them on the grass.


“This makes me feel so relaxed and happy,” sophomore accounting major Erica Jaggernauth said.


Having heard of the event through her friend, freshman nursing major Tori Johnson, Jaggernauth did not want to miss out on an opportunity to see puppies.


“This is the best thing,” Johnson said as she pet a puppy’s head.


Pre-Vet Club members set up small fenced-in areas where puppies could remain if they were getting uncomfortable with the excitement of so many people. Several bowls of water laid strewn about the area so the dogs could stay hydrated.


“This makes me feel at home,” freshman pre-vet major Callie McKim said.


Freshman pre-vet major Callie McKim holds a dog in her lap, enjoying the beautiful day. (Kelly Stiles)


A nervous puppy found shelter in McKim’s lap as he was anxious around other dogs. Not leaving her side, the small dog nervously barked as other puppies passed by them.


Having six dogs, four sugar gliders, two cats, and two bunnies at her parents’ houses, McKim is well-acquainted with animals and misses having them around now that she lives in a dorm on campus.


She feels so comfortable with animals that she wants to be around them for the rest of her life. Growing up, McKim remembers the graceful way in which veterinarians would care for her animals, and wants to make other owners happy by doing the same.


“I was stressed,” McKim said. “This distressed me big time.”


The Humane Society of Clark County is currently accepting volunteers everyday of the week except Sundays and Mondays. The society also accepts donations and is particularly in need of Purina Puppy and Kitten Chow, Mr. Clean antibacterial disinfectant, and paper towels.