Oh the humanity

The Humane Society of Clark County

Oh the humanity

The shelter takes in as many animals as they can, working to get them healthy and, hopefully, adopted. “You watch this transition of [this animal] becoming something that a new family just adores. I think that’s the best part of it,” said Clark County Humane Society director Amanda Bell.

Henderson freshman Caitlyn Walters at the Humane Society. While the shelter takes donations, they also appreciate the many students who like to come in just to visit with the animals. “This is such a good outlet for people. When you’ve had a hard week, it’s nice to be able to come into this room and just pet cats,” said Amanda Bell. “It makes a difference, I think.”

Henderson freshman Cheyanne Perry volunteering her time painting walls for the Clark County Humane Society. Students often volunteer for class projects to raise awareness of the organization and help out in any way that they can.

Last year, the shelter saved over 600 animals. They’ve taken in 27 cats and 97 dogs so far in 2018, not including this one pictured above.