South Park Republicans and Eric Cartman


Graphic by Jacob Glasgow, Graphic/ Ads Designer

Opinion by Bunky Raines, Student Reporter

In the time of Bill Clinton I called myself a Democrat. Bill is still my favorite president. I saw a guy from Ark that provided my kids with free health insurance (ARKids), smoked weed and harrassed interns and thought, “This is our f****n’ guy.”

I’m still rooting for the Dems. I’m down with the philosophy of taking care of the little man and being kind to others. However, it has been something like blasphemy to me to see kindness turned into a weapon to silence the right.

Identity politics came along and changed the game. Today’s youth has been taught to identify as one thing and hate what’s on the other side. I’m from a different generation.

I was still a teenager when South Park first aired. I had to sneak around to watch it. My very Republican mother didn’t approve of the foul language and ridicule of her religion. I thought Stone and Parker were Democrats. I later came to see that the show rails against Dems and Reps alike.

Perhaps South Park has influenced my point of view. Making fun of people on both sides is a concept I agreed with whole-heartedly. I’ve always found the humor in everything, and the idea that everyone is equally ridiculous really resonated with me.

I was surprised when I recently read that these fellows were admittedly right-leaning. Almost as surprised as I was when I discovered that, after years of calling myself a Democrat, I was right-leaning, as well. It creeps up on you.

The term “South Park Republican” wascoined by Brian C. Anderson in his book, South Park Conservatives: The Revolt Against Liberal Media Bias. A SPR is very similar to a libertarian conservative. They’re all about freedom of choice.

One can get a grasp on the South Park philosophy by watching the show. They make fun of the religious right and the self-righteous left, who both try to take the moral high ground and impose their ideologies upon others.

Stone and Parker don’t make any bones about letting their thoughts be known. “I hate conservatives, but I really f*****g hate liberals,” Stone said.

I think the South Park philosophy has has been a significant influence on me. Or maybe that’s just who I was to begin with and that’s why I like the show.

I’ve always had the capacity to see things from both sides. That was a gift from my father who taught me to question everything.

I like the middle ground. I’ll be quick to denounce those who disparage others based upon race, sexual preference or gender.

However, I’ll also be quick to point out that straight, white males have a race, sexual preference and gender that should be equally respected.

As I said before, I’m still rooting for the Dems. I dislike the Reps and their “stole a thousand beggars’ change and gave it to the rich” policies.

I just need the liberals to get their emotional children under control before I can count myself among their number again.

I need them to stop shouting down conservative speakers in lecture halls and have a debate. I need them to look at the other side’s point of view and question their own.

When I look at the Democratic party and see love and kindness and true tolerance of other belief systems, that’s when I’ll be coming home.