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On Tuesday Sept. 25, new students of the Trio program attended the Student Support Services New Student Orientation in the Garrison Banquet Room. Trio is a program that helps certain students from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing different services such as free tutoring, access to equipment they would not normally be able to afford, (e.g. cameras, lab tops, and calculators) and free lesson plans. Criteria to apply include being from a low-income household, being a first-generation college student, or having a disability that could delay your academic success. 

The event kicked off with a small introduction from Reo Cummings, education specialist, interim director of SSS and host of the event. Shortly after, the students did an ice breaker for the students get to know one another a little better. The exercise had the students line up at the back wall of the room and the students took steps forward when prompted by the instructor of the exercise, Wanda Harris, education specialist. The exercise was intended to show the students, “how different we all are but have the same goal [graduate]”, said Harris.

Following the ice breaker, Vicki Lowe, administrator assistant/office manager of SSS, spoke about equipment usage and work study opportunities. The Trio program attempts to support their participants by, “hiring our students”, said Lowe.

Vikita Hardwrick, education specialist/tutor coordinator, spoke next about the importance of getting assistance when it is needed. Hardwrick, who has spent 25 years working in education and three years in Trio, said, “we want you to be successful… nobody will think you are stupid if you are asking for help”. Traditionally, the Trio program has helped several students in, “many different ways”, said Jhonnie Scott, junior in education. “I don’t want to end up like my parents [non-college graduates] and Trio will help me do that”.  Trio is showing students that Henderson is truly the school with a heart.