Meet the Greeks


Katlin Williams, Contributing Reporter

Meet the Greeks is an amazing way to get to know different sororities and fraternities all in one place. For the Spring semester of 2020, Meet the Greeks took place in the Garrison grand ballroom on Feb. 19 and was from 4 to 6 p.m. Presidents from every sorority and fraternity got up and talked about what they represent and which booth they had set up around the room for each individual to go and talk to them. They also had a bar open for nachos and strawberry lemonade opened to the students and faculty during the event. Two members of Alpha Sigma Alpha, Nicole Dodson and Payton Daniels both enjoy being in the sorority. Both of them chose this specific sorority because it is a “great way to gain friendships,” and also just being able to “learn leadership” to better themselves as women. Dodson felt at home in the sorority because she had known all about it since she was a kid and her sister was an alumnus. 

Daniels had grown to become friends with the girls before she had even thought about joining, so she just knew Alpha Sigma Alpha was meant for her. According to Dodson, this sorority isn’t just a part of her life; it is her life. It has made her become such a strong, independent, and more responsible person. She encourages anyone that is interested in going Greek to go and find the right sorority or fraternity for them because “you will find your forever in one.” Once Daniels gained her lifetime friends over her first semester, she knew that this sorority was meant for her. “What you put out is what you get in,” is her motto. It means that once you help and participate in all the events they do, you will be bonding and building up a sisterhood that is like no other. She encourages others to just go out and try to meet new sororities and fraternities because they are all unique in their different ways and it helps you have a better resume, build many relationships, and be more aware of other events going on.

Kelsie Easlon, who is a freshman, is going to rush into Alpha Sigma Alpha. She is pretty nervous, but she is also very excited to be able to meet new people and go to the recruiting events. She is interested in this specific sorority because she loves the philanthropy they are for and how genuine it is. From this experience and hoping that she will be accepted in she wants to come out of her shell more. She also hopes to gain lifelong friends and be able to go do things as sisters. She believes it will teach her about leadership. Whether it be gaining confidence or career skills, getting involved on campus can benefit everyone.