A Myriad of Services for Students at HSU

Victoria Stewart-Meyers, City Editor

     Type the word “services” into the search engine on HSU’s website, and you will find a long list of services available to students. In addition to the Student Health and Counseling Center, which provides a clinic with a nursing staff who provide care for minor injuries and illness, including medication prescriptions, consultations, and referrals. In addition to the medical health services and wellness programs, the professional staff in the Counseling Center provide one-on-one counseling to students and also referrals and access to birth control, and flu vaccines. The center also offers group counseling sessions as well as peer mentor support services.

     Back on the HSU website under Facilities Services is information about how to report a gas or plumbing leak or some other damage to Henderson property as well as the Campus Police department. Also, students will find links to the Business Office and Financial Aid, with information about your student account, and a link for the Garrison Center.

     The Garrison Center is the hub of the campus. Students will find offices for the Oracle newspaper, The Star Yearbook, and KSWH, the campus radio station. Every student should be familiar with the Reddie Bookstore for textbooks, as well as other school supplies, pens, notepaper, and even some specialty class supplies. Students will find an excellent selection of Henderson State licensed logo clothing is available in all sizes for parents, alumni, and students alike. That’s where you will find the Post Office where you can receive and send mail and packages and reserve a post office box downstairs. In the Reddie Café, students can sit down in a coffee-house atmosphere, complete with a stage for weekly evening performers and karaoke nights, to enjoy fare from the Reddie Grill, Reddie-To-Go, Starbucks and Chick-Fil or a caffeinated study session. There are several offices found in the Garrison Center. The Career Development Center is where students can find help with resume and cover letter writing, job search skills, interview preparation, as well as graduate school planning. The Student Engagement Center, and a commuter lounge, with television couches and microwave, which also houses the new campus food pantry, an e-sports lounge area, and a student computer lab are all also located within Garrison. 

     There is a link to the Multimedia Center, which is a full-service resource center for teaching staff, clubs, and art students alike. In the multi-media center, students can find a computer bank and assistance for making final touches on flyers or projects, then printing onto available specialty papers and card stock, as well as tools for trimming and finishing your printed projects.

     In addition to the public service of checking out books for research and leisure, Huie Library hosts tutoring services, and The Writing Center, students can book a study room for a group or solo study session, or check out an online audiobook, DVD or even music albums. Computers are available for students to use on the first floor, with printing, or more quiet computer banks are also open on the second floor as well.  

     TRIO Programs, Student Support Services, or SSS is one of the more comprehensive service programs available here at HSU. The TRIO name is not an acronym but refers to the three original US Federal programs under the Higher Education Act of 1968. They were Upward Bound, Talent Search, and Student Support. Veterans can utilize Upward Bound services to prepare for college. Talent Search seeks out young people in grades six through twelve. Student Support Services helps students overcome obstacles to stay in college until they earn their bachelor’s degrees. Today there are eight TRIO programs since the reorganization of the Act in 1972, which created the education Opportunity Centers to serve displaced and otherwise under-served and under-employed workers seeking higher education. In 1986 the Ronald E. McNair Post‐Baccalaureate Achievement Program was added. Educational Opportunity Center or EOC Program provides academic advice, personal counseling, and career workshops, and student financial assistance, help in completing college applications, and testing.  TRIO offers many services, including tutoring, mentoring, education, or counseling services. Also, English literacy help, and non-traditional or underrepresented student population services, disability services, as well as services for homeless and foster care students or other disconnected students.

     This reporter visited the TRIO Disability Resource Center to speak with Beverly Quillin, the Assistant Director, and Erin Poe, who has been an Education Specialist at Henderson’s DRC for ten years. They outlined many of the services available such as accommodations for people with disabilities like extended time or a distraction reduced environment for testing, as well as access to assistive technology products on loan such as e-book or audiobook, large print or Braille textbooks, recording devices, textbook audio players, laptops and even notetaker assistants for eligible students. Education specialists, like Poe, assist students with personal, housing, career, and academic guidance and mentoring. The program offers participants Success Strategy Topics for time-management, organization, stress and relaxation techniques, reading for success and test-taking strategies, as well as business etiquette, personal finance, assistance through the financial aid process, and even scholarships. The tutoring center in the Disability Services office includes a computer lab as well as specially trained one-on-one tutors who are sensitive to students with disabilities unique barriers.

     If students have trouble, they should never give up! Quillin stresses the TRIO goal, “Struggle less, learn more, and be more successful,” and she attributes their use of technology of assistive devices but also aromatherapy with essential oils as part of their relaxation strategies for study telling the story of a young man who took biology four times before he could finally pass because of the use of relaxation techniques and essential oils for his anxiety. Quillin has been at Henderson in the DRC for 19 years and, in 2017, was awarded the Teresa Haven distinguished Professional Award for her work.

     “If you’re not sure if you qualify, then come in and find out.” Says Poe, who is surprised that more students don’t know about or don’t avail themselves of services not only at the DRC but in other programs as well.

     There is a multitude of services available on campus here at Henderson geared toward the success of the student body. From physical or mental health services to academic success strategies and even business advice and mentorship, if a student has a need or concern, there is a program or office to help. As always, check with your academic advisor, your number one resource for success at Henderson State University, for solutions to concerns not listed here.