Where’s the Reddie Spirit?

Where's the Reddie Spirit?

Henderson Athletics

Jaylon McEwen, Sports Reporter

The Reddie Football team is facing probably its biggest opponent of all time this season in the emergence of COVID-19. The coronavirus has successfully shut down not only Henderson but many other collegiate programs as well. The virus has shown no promise of going away anytime soon and one must worry not only about their future but the future of sports entirely.

How do fans feel about the canceling of the season is the real question, the ones that show their undying support at every game? This surely must be affecting them in some type of way considering that the program has never really dealt with a situation of this magnitude. Fans had a lot to say when asked about how they feel towards the canceling of the current season.

“It’s weird now because it feels like the school with a heart skipped a beat. It feels like we’re all taking a long drive and there is no music playing, just a long boring ride to the end of the semester.” said senior sociology major Mar’Quesia Gillis.

“I feel that canceling the Reddies season was a hard but necessary decision. I do however understand why it was made, it would have been nearly impossible to control the crowd into remaining a safe and responsible 6 ft distance away from each other.” said senior elementary education major Kaliyah Knobles.    

Although football may not be an option this semester it does not mean showing love for the Reddies isn’t possible. Don’t be afraid to show your spirit around campus and uplift the athletes that represent the team because they surely miss the field just like every other “Die Hard” fan.