Is Cam back?


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Jaylon McEwen, Sports Reporter

New England Patriot fans are seeing an entirely different offense this year with new quarterback Cam Newton. Newton spent all last season hurt on the bench of his former team, the North Carolina Panthers. Many speculated that Newton would no longer be able to play at the level that took him all the way to a Super Bowl appearance.

After a long and tiring off-season, it almost seems like all of Newton’s hard work was going to go to waste with no teams showing interest in him. Finally, after a few weeks, the Patriots contacted him about coming to their program and feeling in what seemed like a crater of a roster spot. Cam would have to come in and play for a program once led by the fan proclaimed “G.O.A.T” Tom Brady.

This would most likely put pressure on most Quarterbacks in the league, but Cam saw this as just another challenge in his well-established career. Newton went on to earn the starting quarterback position and lead the Patriots to their first win of the season with not only 155 yards throwing but two rushing touchdowns as well. However, it was not this win that got the media buzzing about Cam’s return; it was the loss at the hands of the Seahawks that sparked an interest.

Newton looked to be in rare form against a powerful Seahawks defense throwing for 397 yards and one touchdown as well as two rushing touchdowns. Even though Newton and his Patriots may have lost he certainly gave upcoming opponents a look at just how powerful they could be.