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Main Street of downtown Arkadelphia will be home to a COVID-safe Halloween event hosted by Arkadelphia Regional Economic Development Alliance & Area Chamber of Commerce.

Candy and cars: Arkadelphia hosts Halloween drive thru

October 23, 2020

COVID-19 has taken away many of the activities people often take for granted. The Arkadelphia Chamber of Commerce is determined not to let the pandemic steal Halloween. “Everyone is just trying to...

Social distancing on Halloween can be fun with indoor activities.

Halloween: COVID edition

KaBryn Grayson, Managing Editor October 16, 2020

Just because you can't celebrate Halloween the “usual” way doesn't mean it is cancelled. You can still enjoy the fall holiday in the safety and comfort of your own home. Here’s a list of six options...

Artwork colored by Arts Reporter Julian Reaper in celebration of Halloween approaching.

Spooktober: A week of fun

Juliann Reaper, Calender Coordinator October 12, 2020

Engaging activities are in store for the Spooktober week of fun. As a freshman, I was unaware of the fact that Spooktober week is a new thing. I am excited for these events and hope it leads to future...

Candy, candy, everywhere

So, I was the one who ended up sick at our house over Halloween. Go figure. We didn't go anywhere the entire weekend, period. We even missed trick-or-treating. Luckily, Babycakes is 2 and didn't know the difference. She felt quite satisfied with the Halloween parties and trick-or-treating she did Friday at daycare and the Quad-City Times. And you know what? She was actually happy that we "got to stay home," instead of going somewhere every day (I felt guilt over that one). Plus, she had fun by dressing up as Cinderella almost non-stop all weekend, which was adorable. We still ended up with just enough candy to make her CRAZY (Haha!), asking all the time when she could have a treat. We let her choose one piece after each meal, which made her happy. But I was just talking to a co-worker who says she has always told her daughter that the "Candy Witch" comes to some kids' houses, and collects half of your candy loot, much like the "Tooth Fairy." In exchange for taking the candy, the "Candy Witch" leaves a special gift. I've never heard of that one. She said her own Mom did the same thing when she was a little girl, and she always looked forward to it. Some dentists and doctors across the country also collect kids' Halloween candy, in exchange for healthy alternatives or money, according to stories I've read online. How do you deal with the constant begging for candy after Halloween? Do you restrict how much your kids eat somehow? I know when my son was young, my husband was always more than happy to "help" by eating some of his chocolate (with the boy's permission!). Ha! What do you do?    
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