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The series of picture in Anissa Burons art exhibition Leo and Me tells a story of a girl and her cat.

Anissa Burton presents art collection “Leo and Me”

Anissa Burton April 4, 2021

The Henderson State University Fine Arts Department is proud to present Leo and Me by our graduating BFA digital design candidate Anissa Burton. Anissa Burton came to Henderson State University...

This portrait is senior art education major Jade Ross favorite among her senior show collection, depicting her late grandma Emma.

Jade Ross creates “Creating Me”

Kelly Stiles, Editor In Chief, The Oracle November 17, 2020

Despite drastic changes due to COVID-19, the HSU art department continues to thrive, and senior art education major Jade Ross' senior showcase is a prime example. Consisting of 10 minimalistic portraits...

Bailey Dougan becomes a Tiny Tourist

Bailey Dougan becomes a “Tiny Tourist”

Kelly Stiles, Editor In Chief, The Oracle November 16, 2020

Graphic design major Bailey Dougan has jump-started her career before graduating college. She works not only as a layout editor for the Oracle, but as a social media coordinator for a magazine in Waco,...

Art students strained under campus lock-out

Art students strained under campus lock-out

Victoria Stewart-Meyers, City Editor April 28, 2020

When all in-person classes ended on March 12, many of us watched a live stream by the Henderson administration and frantically typed questions into the comments. Over the course of several days some of...

BHM Celebrated Through Art

Phoebe Darley February 22, 2020

     February is a short month packed with many significant holidays. From  Valentine’s Day to President’s Day there is a lot to celebrate. It is the time to recognize and honor the achievements...

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