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There is a broken window in Smith hall that has needed to be fixed since the beginning of the academic year.

Housing headaches: Deteriorating living conditions

Izzy Oliver, HTV internApril 20, 2021

Like most female freshmen, I have been living in the Smith residential building for my first academic year at Henderson. Most of the time, when I tell other students this, I get a grimace along with an...

Sturgis hall no longer houses resident advisors in private dorm rooms.

Resident assistants no longer have private dorm luxury

Juliann Reaper, Features EditorApril 19, 2021

Some resident assistants (RA) no longer have private rooms, a privilege commonly associated with the position.   Why should an RA have a private room? Other than causing the position to be attractive...

NOT CYMK - Meal plans are a constant source of contention for Henderson students.

Are new pricy meal plans worth it?

KaBryn Grayson, Managing EditorApril 15, 2021

Imagine, it’s lunchtime and you're surveying your options. You don't have time or maybe even the space to cook. Your only option is grabbing something on campus. You could go to the cafeteria--but you’d...

Student fees can seem outrageously high--but are they really?

Please, no more fees

Juliann Reaper, Features EditorApril 14, 2021

As a college student, I expect to be charged fees--but I do not expect to pay for nonsense. A student’s bill can be viewed on MyHenderson, where costs are broken down per credit hour.   Some...

Newberry hall is no stranger to pests and ongoing malfunctions.

Newberry nonsense: Roaches, dirty bathrooms, and faulty thermostats

Cullen Smith, Contributing ReporterApril 12, 2021

This was my first year on Henderson State’s campus, and I got stuck in the Newberry dorm. I had heard some not-so-nice things about the dorm, but I reserved a shred of optimism that the rumors were blown...

Products placed in recycling bins across the Henderson campus are simply mixed with the rest of the garbage.

Reddies recycling is trashy

Kelly Stiles, Editor In Chief, The OracleApril 10, 2021

The average college student produces about 640 pounds of trash each year, according to Planet Aid. Nearly 3,600 students attend Henderson State University, indicating that the HSU campus accumulates about...

Student and Faculty Survey

Bailey Parks, RMG Social Media ManagerApril 17, 2019

Henderson Housing Horrors

Faith Cadmus, Contributing ReporterApril 17, 2019

If you are a student at Henderson State University, then it should come as no surprise that our housing situations are not always the best. To be more specific, the all-girls dorm, Smith Hall, has some...

Students Just Wanna Have Fun!

April 16, 2019

Students have also been complaining about the lack of entertainment on campus. The events that are held on campus rarely generate a big crowd. “They should email the students and ask them what they want...

Overpriced and Undercooked

KaBryn Grayson, Managing EditorApril 15, 2019
"I have also heard of people getting food poisoning after eating Caddo food. Something has to change," Buckley added.

Faculty Member Voices Complaints

Bri Barkley, Contributing ReporterApril 12, 2019
“There is a problem with raises in equity salary compensation when it is happening across the board. People are divided among ranks in their fields, so wouldn’t it make sense to be paid the rightful amount for that rank? Going across the board makes the pay-gaps bigger and broader.”

Let’s Wager the Next Issue

Bri Barkley, Contributing ReporterApril 11, 2019

Since I began attending HSU, I have been overcome with the feeling of utter confusion. My first real-life experience of Henderson was move-in day. There was such a lack of parking that I had to carry...

Where the H*CK am I Supposed to Park?

KaBryn Grayson, Managing EditorApril 10, 2019

Parking has been another big issue for students. “My sister went here before me. She came here in 2010, and the parking still hasn’t gotten better from then,” Nicole Dodson, a junior criminal justice...

Is Henderson State Secure?

KaBryn Grayson, Managing EditorApril 9, 2019

Security is a major concern for students. “I’ve known several people to get their cars broken into, and they always say there’s nothing they can do about it because there are no security cameras,”...

Shouldn’t They Care About Us?

Anonymous Staff MemberApril 8, 2019

  I am a student at Henderson State University. I live in a certain apartment complex on campus, which I pay an exuberant cost to do so.      There is no security. I was promised a gated and...

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