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A Trip to Spain: Art and design students took a trip abroad early this year

Story by Austin Hicks, Student Reporter Photos by Aaron O’Quin, Online Editor

January 30, 2018

  Over the course of Christmas break, Henderson State students had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain. A total of 14 students and two professors went on the trip. To qualify for this trip you had to be enrolled in adv...

If the left wants to win again

Column by Bunky Raines, Contributing Reporter

January 30, 2018

  I found it interesting, in a search for the most watched cable news commentators in 2017, that the #1, 2, and 3 spots are held by FOX News programming: Sean Hannity at #1, Tucker Carlson at #2, The Five at #3, and finally MSNB...

Wow, that burger really flies:A student reviews the new Flying Burger

Story by Haylee Dinger, Student Reporter

January 30, 2018

  When I walked into the newly opened Flying Burger restaurant in Caddo Valley, my friends and I were met with an extremely busy atmosphere. Nearly every table was taken, and the lines at the counter were long, but manageabl...

67 Grill: Rock on the rocks

Story by Bundy Raines, Student Reporter

January 30, 2018

  Approaching 67 Grill on Arkadelphia’s Main Street, the old, brick buildings lend authenticity to the down-home dive bar feel the place emits. The bar/restaurant’s owner, Stacey Morrison, and wife, Heidi, are now adding ...

Can we control the guns?

Story by Tierra McCraney, Student Reporter Graphic courtesy of Wes Bausmith and MCT Campus

January 30, 2018

  Arkansas Act 562, a law that will allow students, faculty, and staff to carry concealed weapons on campus, passed last fall. Emails have been sent to Henderson students addressing this issue, which also give more informatio...

Ain’t No Rest For The Ballers

Story by Jordan WIlliams, Sports Reporter

January 23, 2018

  As classes came to a close in early December the campus grew empty as students left campus to return home for a much needed and well deserved break. The same cannot be said for the Reddies basketball teams who stayed hard at...

Indies: Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

Opinion by Pete Tubbs, Editor in Chief Images courtesy of Paramount, RLJE, Magnolia, and Bleeker St.

January 23, 2018

  Although 2017 had its fair share of massive blockbusters, it’s the smaller films that packed the most punch. You probably saw “Thor Ragnarok,” “Logan,” “Wonder Woman,” “Spiderman: Homecoming,” etc., but s...

Concealing Concern

Story by Ashley Smith, Opinions Editor Graphic Courtesy of Wes Bausmith and MCT Campus

January 23, 2018

  Last year, Arkansas lawmakers passed a concealed carry law that allowed guns to be authorized on campus. They agreed that by the time this law went into effect (Jan. 2018) that there would be specific rules that went along...

Top 10 movies of the year

Story by Pete Tubbs, Editor in Chief

December 6, 2017

The North American box office hasn’t been it’s best self this year. There have only been a handful of surprising hits, but there have been a bevy of surprising misses from “Justice League,” to “Pirates of the Carribe...

Welcome Back, Frank

Opinion by Dax Guilliams, Opinions Editor

November 21, 2017

Out of every Marvel Netflix show, the one I’ve been excited for the most is “The Punisher.” And baby, it did not disappoint. With the first couple of episodes, it seems like “The Punisher” isn’t going to go against the formula...

Hollywood Shuffle

Hollywood Shuffle

November 21, 2017

Hit the road jack

Opinion by Dax Guilliams, Opinions Editor

November 14, 2017

I’ll admit it even though I don’t want to. The3.5mm headphone jack is eventually going to be removed from all future smartphones.Some people will say that the headphone jack is outdated tech, which is completely untrue and those people...

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