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It’s Getting Hot In Here

Story By Pete Tubbs

February 28, 2016

As many students have experienced first hand, there is a big problem with the temperature in several buildings on campus. Both students and faculty alike are concerned with the potential health problems that could come about ...

Marijuana For The Masses

Story By Emily Bell

February 22, 2016

At the entrance of Walmart, the sidewalk of downtown Little Rock, or perhaps strolling through your town’s summer festival – there they wait, patiently yet eagerly for our hopeful signatures. The advocates for the legalizatio...

Victoria Ellison (front) and Bianca Porter are anxious to help students. 

Speak Up And Be Heard

February 22, 2016

Students Hike To Burial Place of One of The Apostles

Bri Curry

October 20, 2015

Henderson is offering 14 participants what many are calling the opportunity of a lifetime. This summer, Maryjane Dunn, assistant professor of Spanish, will lead the Pilgrimage in Spain: Walking El Camino De Santiago. This translates...

National Council Names Teacher’s College “Best Value”

Cayla Christian

October 20, 2015

Henderson State University’s Teacher’s College is the leader in educator preparation and prepares not only just good teachers, but also leaders in other professions. This year, the Teachers College received the ranking of “Best...

The Benefits of Studying Abroad

By Katie Smith

April 23, 2015

There are two types of people in the state of Arkansas: those who are perfectly content never leaving their hometown of 63 people, and people like me. Where I grew up, there were more cows than people. That’s my infamous li...

Martin Halpern Reflects on 25 Years of Teaching Before Retiring

By Jordan Johnson

April 23, 2015

For most teachers, the highs of teaching far outweigh the lows. Getting to impact a young person’s life at a critical time in the developmental process is  underrated in the eyes of many. Martin Halpern, professor of histo...

Music, Fine Art Departments Pursue National Accredidation

By Caleb Williams

March 17, 2015

What is long and strenuous and rhymes with the word participation? Reaccreditation is the word, and it’s a word that many students and faculty in the music department can’t stop talking about.The reason for all the talk is ...